Thursday, October 1, 2015

Day 1 - Calling

My first day, October 1st, love this day it brings my babies birthday, Fall, pumpkins, crunchy leaves, peppermint mochas, lazy sunday mornings, and just a smile to my face.

So I have been wanting to do this for awhile, I know I have readers and friends who want to blog, well if you have your own blog please let me know I would love to highlight it on here and share it with everyone and if you would like to guest blog please let me know that as well because I love sharing my little piece of the world with others and giving them the opportunity to see if blogging is something they could be interested in or letting you share some cause near and dear to your heart.

You can comment below and we can see what works.

So I am pretty sure my calling is a calling to all friends/family, bloggers, future bloggers, or anyone who would like to share a cause to let me know I would love to have you. (I should note the cause has to be something I would support, non political, and not going to cause harm to anyone or anything)

Calling Calling, any takers?

31 Days of Blogging

So I normally link up to "Five Minute Friday", it keeps me active on here, makes me think, and sometimes just lets me say whats on my mind without editing and rewriting. Yes, that last part is kind of dangerous I am one of those people that needs to be edited sometimes, just me is pretty scary and too real for most people.

I am following this...

Thursday, September 24, 2015


This night I love it and hate it, getting the girls school pictures makes me sad every time I love their pictures goofy,  kind of bad, smiling,  bad hair,  I keep them thankfully we haven't had them so bad I had to return them I love them. I look through them as I put the new year in there they have grown so much. I cry as I beam with pride at the young ladies they are becoming the soon to be teenagers. I cry because I know that the next year will go by in the blink of an eye and they will be even bigger. I cry because I am a mom and that is what we do. Thankful every day that God made me a mom and put me on this journey.  Blessed 

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Monday, September 21, 2015

Emotional Roller Coaster

A year later...

You will never know the pain, devastation, guilt, and sorrow that you left behind.  For your family and friends it will take years to come to terms with your decision.  They say it only takes a minute to like someone and a lifetime to forget them, you will never be forgotten.  This roller coaster of emotions that I am watching my husband experience, you were one of his best friends, his hunting buddy.  It took him most of the day to process the news that you were gone, not just out of state or for the weekend, but gone as in forever.  Once it sank in, the sense of loss he is experiencing cannot be described.  He wishes he could go back, ask you how you were doing, tell you he was sorry for all the petty stupid things that were said over the years, but mostly he just wishes he could bring you back he would do anything. He doesn't remember many adventures that you were not a part of, secret hunting spots, late night drag outs, high school parties, you have always been there. Now you are gone.

I would lie if I didn't say there is anger that you took this route that you thought this was the only way that you didn't think of all of your family and friends, we care, we hurt, how could you! There is also pain, could we have done something, said something, stopped this?

Watch over us now, keep hubby safe while he is out hunting, you will for sure be on his mind again. Losing you was losing a brother to him, he still hurts, and something tells me that, that will never change.  There will forever be an ache.

We grieve still that we won't see you again, share a smile with you, see the sparkle of your eyes when mischief was bound to happen.  Your love of an adrenaline rush, and that quietness that we knew was just you, nothing unusual just you.

You are and always will be missed. RIP

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Love this: Wife's Letter

I saw this on Facebook and wanted to share, I am hoping that For Every Mom won't mind.

Please check out this link, I promise it is more than worth the read and should be given to all new parents.

And to my husband, yes it is all true, I love you and will continue to do so, knowing that there is no hand I would rather be holding.

Monday, August 10, 2015


Joining Five Minute Friday over at Heading Home

We write for five minutes, whatever is on your heart, no editing, no planning just writing on a one word prompt, this week's prompt is Here

HERE we go!!!!

After a wonderful weekend spent in Great Falls with my husband's family I have decided that the past couple of years have been a rollar coaster of ups and downs. I want to live more in the here and now.

So I am typing and thinking and thinking and typing and have decided that I need to say to live a better life and know that when I am gone from this earth I have no regrets. A friend posted this, this morning and it hit a nerve and made me think.

Words to live by for sure, here and now I am back to believing this. I am surrounding myself with people who encourage me, uplift me, and remind me that none of us are perfect and that living life and being happy is our choice and cannot be dictated by anyone else. Here and now is perfect and the past is the past.

To my family and friends I encourage you in your today's adventures, and thank you for encouraging me in mine.

Love you!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Being Me

Today was a rough one, rumors were spread and hurtful things were said about me. You didn't think I could hear you but I could, I have creepy good hearing. Shame on you, and bravo for me because I was the better person until now. Please to all that heard those things remember if something is said about someone and they aren't there, they are whispered, or you are asked not to repeat it, or is probably not true and all it does is show the person(s) saying those things true colors. Give it time they will whisper about you too or maybe they already have. 

I am me I care about everyone sometimes too much because I get hurt easily. I am honest sometimes to a fault, ask my mom sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. I have an amazing family my mom and dad are  the best they don't get better than that and my sister although a pain in the butt sometimes had my back no matter what even if she thinks I am wrong she would stand behind me because family comes first. My husband is by my side and he isn't going anywhere we are in this together and thankfully he doesn't do drama which is why people are mean to me when he isn't around. And my girls are mine they are a great mix of hubby and I they are independent thinkers, so compassionate, and yet they let things roll right off their backs because at the end of the day they know if someone has a problem with them it is that person's problem not their problem. 

I can learn a lot from my girls but so could those who were talking about me today. Really what bothers me the most is that some people I truly care about believed those things and that those things changed their opinion of me. Ouch, I am not perfect however my lips have remained sealed and I will continue to be the bigger person. Just know I heard and it hurt so I guess you accomplished what you wanted cheers to you.

Sunday, March 15, 2015


Joining Five Minute Friday over at Heading Home

We write for five minutes, whatever is on your heart, no editing, no planning just writing




I always had a plan, finish high school and go to college, my degree of choice Elementary Education. I have wanted to be a teacher as most of you have read on here since I was in 3rd grade. I had a plan it is true, however I didn't follow through with my plan, I paused, then stopped, and am now starting back up. It will be good I know it will, however my plans always seem to be changing and sometimes I get overwhelmed and just sad at how my plans changed and how things could have been so different if I would have stuck with my plan.  You see if I would have gone to college with all my friends I would probably have broken up with that boyfriend long before I did, I would probably have the degree I long so deeply for.  Then again I probably wouldn't have met the man I love calling my husband, I definitely wouldn't have the two girls that we were blessed with, and I wouldn't have had all the adventures we have had this far in life.  Looking back sometimes even the most well intentioned plans change direction or just plain get broken and that is OK. I pray everyone looks back with no regrets, because although I had a plan, my plan was changed by life and I wouldn't change my life for anything in the world. Still living with no regrets.


Monday, February 23, 2015


Five Minute Friday, where we write for 5 minutes, no correcting, changing, just writing

Word Prompt: OPEN

Ready, Steady, Type

I am not sure where this is going to lead, the word open can mean so many things, but it keeps pulling towards being more open. Open about how I feel, what I want in life, stress, love, friendships, family.  Being more open about me and what I stand for and what I believe in.  I hope that I am raising daughters that are open, open to talking to me and their dad about what they want out of life, and how they feel about anything and everything.  We don't hide much from them you know besides what they are getting for their birthday, who is Santa Claus (although they are pretty much on to this one), and we try to not show them all of our stress (they are 12 they don't need that they are supposed to be kids).  But they know that I believe everyone makes mistakes and you don't have to let those mistakes define you, yes even the worst of the worst people can come back and may not be able to undo the harm or bad things they have done but they can strive to do better. My girls are open with me sometimes quietly sharing it with me through our journaling, or sometimes loudly telling me they are mad at the other one and screaming and throwing a fit, but they are open. I wish everyone was that way. Whether you like something or don't like it, your opinion matters and everyone should feel safe being open and sharing.



Friday, February 13, 2015


Linking up for the first time in a long time to Five Minute Friday, you can link up to over at Heading Home

Prompt for today: When

When life hands you lemons make lemonade.

When everything seems to be againist you, it is probably just your perception.

Oh the quotes that go on and on, and come into my mind when thinking of this word.  Mostly when I take a long break from my blog I miss sharing, writing, creating, and thinking out loud. 

My blog is my place to write what I want, to share special times in our family, a place I can go back to and remember great times, sad times, and just blah times.  This is my journal of sorts.  I won't air dirty laundry about my husband, but I have been known to call someone out who is acting like we are in high school and has forgotten that I am not the kind to sit back and be treated badly.  So if don't like something I write on here that is just fine with me, and feel free to share in the comments I won't delete them, however I won't address them either.  This is me, all of me and the people who really matter in my life are there for me no matter what, whether they approve or disapprove they stand beside me and those are the people I write this blog for. 

So to my family and friends when the time comes that you don't agree with me please don't stand by quietly I love your feedback good or bad, because I love all of you and accept you for who you are.

When life pushes you down stand back up brush yourself off and get back on the road.