Friday, March 28, 2014


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Here we go the word is MIGHTY

And Start!!

Mighty it is such a small word that means so much. He is a mighty God, and I know that there is a reason for everything sometime I just feel so overwhelmed with emotions and decisions. I know I should just pray to Him and turn my worries over but I am a control freak and a fixer. I want to fix it myself and not rely on anyone else.  He is mighty enough to take on all of my worries and my fears, and He has a plan for everything even if I don't understand it. All the stress of last summer we made it through thanks to Him, when my niece was diagnosed with Angelman's Syndrome and we all questioned why, He had an answer even though we may not understand all His plans, he is a mighty God.  As I watch my grandparents and parents age and think about the future, I have been realizing nobody has control over anything, God is in control and everything happens for a reason.  I chose to keep Him in my life and give Him my worries, because the easiest way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.


Not sure that was the path I was planning for that post but unedited and real there it is.

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Love this

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Yes they are GIRLS

There is nothing that makes me madder than someone being rude to my girls. Yep mess with my cubs and you will wish there was a grizzly bear breathing down your neck instead of me. They are my everything and hubs and I have been raising them to be polite and have manners so when an adult is rude to them it just plain ticks me off.

Today these two adorable rambunctious girls were taken out to the Broadwater to go swimming they are old enough to read and know which dressing room to go into. So when some lady says to them "you young men are in the wrong dressing room". Their Maka naturally steps in and tells her they are not men but girls, when she says well they don't look like it instead of apologizing I get a little upset.

Now I can guess she thought they were boys for a couple of reasons their short hair and their swimsuits. You see they wear sunblock short sleeved swim tops (K wears one because of her Vitilgo and L because they are twins and she likes to look like it sometimes), and their swim bottoms are swim trunks that are yes, I will admit it boys because my girls don't like how short the girls swim bottoms are. Now just because they wear their hair short and don't like to show all the skin that God gave them to the world people assume they are boys.

News flash lady look closer before you speak especially if you are being rude the little girls you insulted today were hurt by your rude comments and that makes this mama very angry. Not all little girls wear bikinis, tube tops or short shorts, and have long hair. And if you had just said "sorry" it would have made a world of difference.

A gentle reminder to think before you speak there is no excuse for being rude.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Great Quote

Want to give credit where credit is due, a friend on Facebook posted this status and I loved it I thought I had posted it earlier but apparently I had missed hitting the post button so here you go...

"I make a conscious effort every day to be kind to people, idk I guess it was just how I was raised because my sister and cousins are the same way! I see so many girls who try hard to be mean or put others down just so they can say they don't put up with people's shit and are proud of being a "bitch". Being a bitch is not something to be proud of in my opinion, treating people the way you would like to be treated and respectfully standing up for things you believe in is something to be proud of. I hope when I have kids they try hard to help other rather than try hard to "impress" others. You get what you give in this world, give a smile and I can almost promise you, you will get one in return:)"

Monday, March 24, 2014

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Weekend Recap 3/24

So I have left the world of Facebook for a little bit definitely missing some friends and family on there but it has been a good break so far from the drama and vague posting.

This weekend we didn't do a whole lot but the little that we did was fun. Friday night I honestly don't remember too much we had Lauryn's first volleyball game and she did great she is definately good at the sport although there is a part of me that knows she really wants to do softball and I will have to give in to this maybe next summer. I should state that it isn't that I don't want her to do softball it is that it goes during the summer, I love summer you see and I love spending weekends out camping and playing in the mountains and relaxing/spending time with my family.  Softball games and tournaments are not my idea of a good summer weekend well spent.  However I have never discouraged my kids and I don't want to discourage something as great as softball so I will get on the band wagon and suck it up next year I promise, until then it is another season of volleyball. 

Quiet Saturday mornings are for sure the best, I got up early to go get my Bountiful Basket and then came home made a cup of coffee in my sweet new coffee cup (it makes french press) LOVE IT!! Then I sat on the couch while my girls snoozed away and watched the movie Safe Harbor, it was fabulous.  Saturday night we went to my sister-in-laws house and had a birthday party for my mother-in-law it was nice to sit and chat with family we don't get to see nearly enough. Then we came home and had family movie night and watched Frozen. Cute movie if you haven't seen it, made even cuter when your girls are singing all the songs even if they don't know all the lyrics.

Sunday was a late morning Hubby and I haven't slept in, in forever so we snoozed away and relaxed not getting up until 10:30 it was nice. Then I made breakfast while he worked some in the garage, the rest of the day was spent doing some stuff for taxes for our two businesses, laundry, cleaning you know the normal.  Then Sunday night was spent at my mother-in-law's house for her husband's birthday. Another nice evening spent with family and she made lasagna so no complaints from this girl YUMMY!!

It was a great weekend with not too much excitement!!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Facebook Break

I did it and I didn't warn anyone or say anything but I am taking a break from Facebook!! It is almost freeing, liberating, fabulous.  Was seeing stuff that made me sad parents not spending time with their kids but out partying, family members being mean and rude to each other, and just a bunch of score keeping. I will get back on for sure, and I will definitely miss some friends and family on there but for the most part if I want to know I can text, call, write, or go visit. This mama needed a break to concentrate on her family, I am one lucky lady to have two healthy kids, one amazing husband, the best parents a girl could ever ask for as they have always put my sister and I first in their lives, a sister that is a friend, and friends that are family. If you need to reach me you can do it here!!

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