Thursday, September 20, 2012


Week 8 of Thankfulness Thursdays has arrived. And yep I still love this! I hope some more fellow bloggers will join this, as it is fantastic!

So what am I thankful for this week, well I already mentioned that I LML as Tuesday was my 3rd Wedding Anniversary! Oh it was fabulous too, hubby and I went to the movie Lawless and ate junk food for dinner nachos, hot dog, pop and popcorn!! And he got me gorgeous flowers! Yep 12 years together and I am still sure he is a keeper!

However today is Thursday and I am thankful for family pictures! Oh yes I said that, which is saying a lot because I really don't like my picture taken. However every year in August/September I look forward to having family pictures taken. This year my little sister found the photographer and did the scheduling it was a hectic day but we got family pictures taken with the usual complaining from my hubby who really does not love family picture day. I will share a secret though as soon as I tell him that we got them back he loves looking through all the images and helping me pick our Christmas card photo, the photo we will hang in the house, and he loves seeing pictures of our girls and comparing them to last years picture. Because as a parent you know that you blink and they are grown up.

I swear last year they were toddlers!

So I am thankful for family pictures because for every scowling face, wrinkled brow, closed eye there is a memory. A memory of another year slipping by too quickly, another milestone reached by our amazing girls, and another grey hair hubby and I found. Life flies by so quickly that I look forward to hubby complaining next year that family pictures take too long, that the sun is making him scowl and that he is hot. Because well he is hot, and all the complaining does is remind me that in a couple of weeks he will be sitting next to me flipping through pictures making another memory.

Oh yes he is sticking his tongue out, this is one of the many reasons I love him he makes me smile!

Share in the comments what you are Thankful for I would love to know!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

12 & 3

Oh what does it mean?

To everyone reading this those two numbers will have a different meaning but to me, today it means 12 years with my hubby with 3 of those years being married. Oh yes it is our 3rd anniversary and the thought of him still gives me butterflies.  Ok just so you don't all think I am crazy, yes there are days he drives me completely batty where all I want to do is lock him out in the garage and throw away the key, but without those days the other days would be boring!

So 12 years ago, (ok so to be honest we are a little shy on the 12 years that date will actually come in November but it is my story and I will stretch the details if I want.) I stopped by the Suds Hut with a friend as her hubby was redoing the flooring and what do my eyes find but a hunk of a man helping friends hubby. He was cute and quick witted and had a smile that said trouble. I was smitten, we hung out a couple of times and flirted and then we had our first date. Now here comes the funny part we went to see a movie with a couple of friends I rode with my girlfriend as hunky man was working. Well he showed up late by almost half an hour, thank goodness for previews, then after the movie I went with him for dinner. You might never guess it but my romantic first date dinner was Wendy's. Yep even after this I was still smitten. He was hard working and wasn't trying to be something he wasn't around me, just what I needed. We moved pretty fast, and started living together after about a year of dating, then two years into our relationship we found out we were prego, then the fateful day of ultrasound when we found out it was twins. Thus began our unconventional road to forever. 9 years into dating and with two 7 year olds he surprised me in the most romantic way and proposed. Dinner at O'Malleys, a stop at the York bar for a shot, and to the top of Hedges for a beautiful view of the city at night he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I still remember asking him if he was serious, him putting that ring on my finger and the giddy feeling I still get just thinking about it. We have had ups and downs, twists and turns, good days and bad days, but all of them have been while communicating in some fashion or another with each other. There is not even one thing I would change about the last 12 years, every argument, every cuddle all of it has brought us to this place in our relationship. The place where I fall in love with him more every day, where little things remind me that he really is my best friend.

Shane you push me out of my comfort zone, keep me young, make my heart skip a beat when you wrap your arms around me, comfort me with no words, and your smile can melt me from across a room. 3 years ago I was at home getting ready to say yes to you and following our unconventional fashion to the courthouse we went, 15 minutes later a few signatures and lots of hugs from our families. We were husband and wife, I am always proud to say you are my husband, as there is no man who will ever make me feel so protected and loved as you. You are my best friend and I can't wait to see what the next 12 years has in store for us. I love you Happy Anniversary!!

So I found this blog hop that is goes along with my favorite Thursday link up, Thankfulness Thursdays. This one is LML Monday, which stands for Love My Life.

Friday, September 14, 2012


Sitting here on a Friday night watching DVR'd America's Got Talent with my girls. I am feeling kind of sad, reminiscent maybe. Not sure about what, maybe that we don't have anything exciting to do. No Alex is over visiting us, no sleep over, just the TV and my girls. Funny I decided when the girls were first born that I wasn't going to be a partying mom. I am happy that I spend most of my weekends with my family we go to bbq's, have race weekends, camping trips, skiing, sledding and just hanging out. But I prefer to spend time with my kids while they still want to spend time with me and the sad truth is they are growing so fast I already look at pictures from when they were two or three and my eyes well up with tears. So I don't know why the mood maybe I am tired but tonight I feel like there should be something exciting happening and there just isn't.
Maybe this is where I should just smile look around me and be thankful for the boring night I am having making a memory with my girls.
Guess I needed to whine a little and listen to myself to know life is great even when boring and most of the time it might be even better because I can enjoy it.
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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday Week 7

Oh yes it is that time again, I am joining Ashley over at Domestic Fashionista for Thankfulness Thursdays.

I am thankful for the magic of a picture.
Such a great day today, early this morning a member of our family returned from deployment. His wife (who is my cousin) was there to greet him along with some great friends whom are like family.  I am very happy to have him back on US soil, safe and with his wife who has been waiting to wrap her arms around him. This picture made me cry.
Love you both and Ashton WELCOME HOME!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


So I found this blog hop that is goes along with my favorite Thursday link up, Thankfulness Thursdays. This one is LML Monday, which stands for Love My Life. I can't help but be excited to write about this past weekend and how much it makes me Love My Life.

So this past weekend we headed to Great Falls for a benefit for Shane's cousin Jilli's baby, Paisley. So we will now call it the Paisley Benefit. Paisley was born with Infantile Blindness which they didn't know at birth they just found out a short time ago so now there are all the specialists that she needs to see and places to travel, so a benefit was held to help with all the costs. Of course we love Jilli so off to the benefit we went to hang out with some of the Feist Family and some of the Meek Family and lots of friends. It was wonderful, I think everyone had a good time and I am sure they raised a good sum of money to help out this young family. 

To my LML, well it is all about Family, I had a great family from birth but almost 12 years ago I got lucky again when I met my husband because his family is amazing. They have all been extremely nice to me since the first time Shane introduced me to them and I know that if I ever need something I can call them and they would help me out. They are amazing, no-nonsense, straightforward and honest. So I Love My Life because of people like the ones that banded together this weekend to help out a young family and make sure they knew they had support and love behind them.

Paisley you are one loved little girl, who may have slept through most of your benefit but I think that was because you knew everything was going to be alright, you could just feel the love.

Why do you love your life?

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thankfulness Thursday Week 6

Oh yes it is that time again, I am joining Ashley over at Domestic Fashionista for Thankfulness Thursdays. Man I love this linkup

This week I am thankful for Big Sky Country, and that my grandfather decided to become a rancher.  You see the weather is turning a little cooler this week and it is teasing me with Fall, the season of apples, fleece pants, thick socks, and crunchy leaves. Oh I love it, and I get to experience it to it's fullest where I live. Montana is known for open spaces and I live in in the valley of my town on 72 acres, ranch and farm land. There is a creek that runs behind my house and last night while we were sitting at the table for dinner 20 whitetail deer went running a stone's throw from our house. So beautiful to watch, although I will confess my husband was scouting them out as hunting season is almost upon us. I love the land I live on and the city I live in and I love that my grandfather decided he would be a rancher and give his kids and grandkids the opportunity to live on some of the land he has. I love that I have seen eagles, raccoons, beavers, deer and numerous other animals all from my backyard. I love that I can take my kids and dogs to the creek in the back where they can splash around and catch fish. And even though spring usually brings a little flooding and the ground is squishy I love that my kids can go outside and play and I don't have to worry they will be hit by a car or that there is a weirdo lurking around the corner. The neighbors are friendly and the air is clean. I love it, am so thankful for it and will never take it for granted.

What are you thankful for this week? Maybe a season, a person or just being here. Please share...

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