Thursday, December 17, 2015

12 Days of Christmas for my Husband 2015

I love Christmas and every year I try to remind the man that I married that I love that he is appreciated and important to me.  I think it was about 5 years ago I started the tradition of 12 days of Christmas just for him.  Now I know the 12 days don't actually traditionally start until after Christmas but we do it before. To each their own.  This year and most years he forgets about this and is surprised when he sees them hanging or stuffed in a basket.  Some years there has been fun little poems with each, some have gone with a theme, this year no poems or cute sayings, and kind of a theme. There are 12 packages of things he likes and things he needs, it is a mix for sure.

Now I am fairly certain he won't read my post as he is super busy, I will post the days below.  If you are said husband and you are reading stop right here.

So this is the basket full of fun, did I mention I truly love brown paper wrapping, you can write on it, draw on it, and dress it up as much as you like.

On the ... day of Christmas

There was one list of reasons I am thankful for him, I did this during November, every day I wrote one thing I was thankful or loved him for
One pair of gloves
Three Cello Cherries, he loves these
One package of razor blades, there were 4 in there
One package of underwear, yeah I know romantic :) 
6 Monsters, yes that green drink he loves them
One, Lucky 7's lottery scratch ticket
Two boxes of 4, Slim Jim's
This one was tricky, three boxes of 3oz of his favorite candies, Skittles, Gummy Lifesavers, and Sour Patch Kids
Two packages of cigars, now I don't love encouraging this habit but he does like them and they come 5 to a box
Eleven packages of fun fruits (fruit snacks) 
One case of Raspberry Cream from Van's he loves that pop 

Just a little planning and this was all put together and he just picks the day out of the basket every day and it is a nice surprise. This definitely makes his stocking slim on Christmas morning but he never seems to mind.

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