Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thankful November - Wrap Up

On a lighter note:
So I missed some days but I promise it didn't make me any less thankful, in fact my break made me more thankful.

I am thankful for my family more than ever, my mom, dad, and sister are definitely the greatest listeners anybody could ask for.

I am thankful for my hubby and his believe in me.

I am thankful God gave me the job of being mom (sometimes Mama Bear) to two girls that mean the world to me.

On a heavier note:
I have always tried to keep drama off my blog (so I promise this will be my one rant for the year) but I swear it is funny to be on the receiving end of the badmouthing sometimes. I will let it roll off my shoulders, and remember that the person who is now talking bad about me was talking bad about someone else just a few short months ago. Oh well keep talking because apparently I am a popular topic :)

On a joyous note:
Let's get this Christmas season started because I can't wait to be surrounded by my family and be spending time with the people who matter most to me!

Christmas Blessings to you all, and keep checking my blog because I have a fun little Christmas countdown coming that two girls are helping me with :)

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

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Thankful November - Day 20

General Thankfulness:
Thankful for my family, yes we are all a little crazy but most of my family lives close by and the ones that don't we still stay in contact. I love all of them and all their quirks too!! Thanks for being a part of my life!!!

Hubby Thankfulness:
Today a text that read: "Thanks for having lunch with me today" You see hubby is out of town working today but I packed us both the same lunch so we are having a long distance lunch date :) Love him!!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful November - Day 19

General Thankfulness:
Today I am thankful for life. I am happy to be healthy and happy to have a marriage that is strong and a family that is stronger. I am a proud mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt, friend. I am just happy and thankful for all that God has given me.

Hubby Thankfulness:
I am thankful that my hubby is an excellent butcher. He puts so much time and hard work into cutting up our meat after we have been hunting. I appreciate all he does to provide for our family.
Love Him!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful November - 17th & 18th

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for long days of hunting where I might not see anything but a bunch of tracks and some animals I can't shoot but where I get to spend the day in the woods hanging out with my hubby and father-in-law. And I am also thankful for talk. There are some people in my life that I can just tell them how I am feeling and they get it. Then there are some others that no matter how many times we talk it goes in one ear and out the other. As much as it drives me crazy I am still proud of myself for standing up and not letting others push me around.

Hubby Thankfulness: I love that he tells me he loves me everytime we get off the phone. And I love that we are open when we talk it definately keeps our marriage strong.
Love Him.
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Friday, November 16, 2012

Thankful November - Day 16

General Thankfulness:
So I am not writing these ahead of time they are being written day by day which means sometimes a certain person may be the object of my thankfulness. Today I am thankful that i have one of the best brother-in-laws a girls could ask for. Technically I have 4 of them, but my husbands full brother is great. Sometimes his sensibility drives me crazy as I am sure my emotional drive in life drives him nuts sometimes too. But if my father-in-law taught his boys anything in life it is No Drama! Wes just listens, and calmly replies no emotional drive about it and nothing usually that will hurt someone else. He just tells it like it is. Thanks Wes for listening and for always staying so calm, collected and cool.

Hubby Thankfulness:
Text to hubby that read "Thanks for always being the drama free part of my life" This is so true when I get over emotional he always tells me Stop the Soap Opera. I hate it when he says it but usually it spins my head enough to make me realize that I am letting another human being drive my emotions and steer my day in a bad direction. I cannot control the other person but I can control how I react to them and hubby is usually the one calling me a drama queen. I believe this is a female trait as we are very emotional about stuff wearing our hearts on our sleeves. But that is where hubby evens me out I bring the emotions to the table he brings the sensibility to the table :)
Love him!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thankful November - Day 15

General & Hubby Thankfulness:

Oh yes people I did it I combined the two. Now before you go thinking I am running out of ideas to be thankful for my hubby that has nothing to do with it I am just extra grateful today. "Thanks for the last 12 years" that is the text my hubby received this morning. You see today we celebrate 12 years of dating! Oh yes I still try to date my husband it is part of the adventure, the fun, the lure, the excitment it keeps things interesting. To be honest I am still learning and getting to know my hubby people grow and change, for example and it is something small but hubby used to hate mustard guess what he eats now!
So today I am thankful for time the last 12 years to be specific because I have been beyond blessed and I am hubby thankful because he has stuck it out with me, highs lows and all the uturns in between.
Love you Babe!!

Bunny ears and all I still love him

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thankful November - Day 13 & 14

General Thankfulness
Oh lets see I am thankful for so many things all the time. To cover two days I would say a room over my head and heat to keep us warm. Yes my house might not be grand but it is plenty big enough for the four of us. I am not a huge fan of cleaning so the house not being huge is a blessing to me. And heat to stay warm as it is getting to be winter here in Montana and that means we are having cooler temps along with frost, snow and ice. I am happy to get to spend an evening indoors cuddled up with my hubby and kids.

Hubby Thankfulness
Oh this is easy I am thankful for my hubby's amazing hunting abilities and that he is so patient when he takes me out with him. I always kid him that he is my personal hunting guide, truth be told I am honored I get to go with him. And I am thankful that even after a long day of work outside in the cold when I know all he wants to do is sit down and watch some tv he still helps me fold and put away the mountain of laundry. Yes I am a laundry hoarder of sorts I hate folding, hanging and putting it away YUCK. So I let it pile up in the laundry room until when dumped out it almost covers our queen bed. Yep that is my dirty little secret but he still helps me fold, hang, and put it away and I don't even have to ask. Definately big time LOVE HIM!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thankful November - Day 11 & 12

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for my girls! They were an unplanned surprise and by far the greatest surprise ever. Their love of life need for adventure and kid honesty keep me young. Love them so much!!

Hubby Thankfulness:
Love him for physically exhausting me yesterday. Oh yes he took me on a hike hunting for 3 1/2 hours we didn't get anything but I was exhausted when we got home so much that he thought he had killed me :) I haven't been that tired since the girls were infants but I was so much fun! Love him!
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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Thankful November - Day 10

Pretty sure I skipped yesterday although I didn't post I was thankful. Just didn't share. :)

Today though I have to share because well that is just me.

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for creativity. My girls were getting ready to go play out in all this white stuff we have and almost every pair of their gloves were wet. Mainly because they take them off and throw them back in the tub with all the dry stuff. Yuck! Well I found a piece of scrap ribbon and some clothes pins and presto. They can hang up their gloves so that they dry off. Forgive the picture being sideways my phone didn't want to rotate it.

Hubby Thankfulness:
This one was a hard one today because I really was thinking about kicking him right in the butt! He told some friends that they could park and store some stuff at our house as they are moving to a new house. I was a little upset at him for not remembering to tell me. Then I got a little more upset because stuff got stored in my parking spot in the garage. However I know he didn't do it on purpose and really I got to chitchat with some friends as they surprised me. So it wasn't all bad and I know hubby will move stuff in the garage so that I have a parking spot. Love his forgetfulness sometimes it is a character of his that usually makes me smile more than makes me mad.
Love him!
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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thankful November - Day 7 & 8

Ok so I kind of skipped yesterday, not that there wasn't something to be thankful for I just got busy. But here is some thankfulness in fact two days worth :)

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for my parents! Without them who knows where I would be in life, they raised me to be a responsible adult and I would say for the most part got lucky :) Oh yeah I totally just called them lucky for getting me as a daughter. No seriously though I can swing by their house and ask my dad something and the next thing I know he is at my door or in my yard working on it. And my mom well she is a saint as she has been watching my girls either full time or part time since they were born. Even after 10 years she still enjoys time with them. I love her for doing that she didn't have to but she does and I love it. Thanks mom and dad!!!

Hubby Thankfulness:
I sent him a text that simply said. "Thanks for picking me to be your wife!" I think that sums it right up of all the girls he chose me to spend his life with and that is a huge blessing because through thick or thin I love that man more and more every day!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Thankful November - Day 6

General Thankfulness-
I am thankful for all of you followers of my blog. It means a lot that you would take time out of your day to check in with me to see how I am doing, and what my family is up to. So thank you to you for well being you!

Hubby Thankfulness-
I sent hubby a text today thanking him for being a great dad to our girls. Truth be told our girls hit the jackpot getting him as a dad, whether he believes it or not. Love him!!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Thankful November - Day 5

General Thankfulness:
I am thankful for food coop programs. I participate in Bountiful Baskets and it is such a wonderful program. My family and I get to try veggies and fruits that I would not otherwise buy at the grocery store because I do not like stepping out of my comfort zone especially when it comes to spending money. And most of the time we enjoy it. This weekend hubby and I tried Acorn Squash, I sliced it and baked it with Parmesan cheese and salt and pepper, it was actually pretty good. Neither hubby nor I could eat very much because even with the salt, pepper and parm cheese it was sweet but we tried it and both agreed we would eat it again. Delicious fruits and vegetables I love them.

Hubby Thankfulness:
I am thankful my hubby is such a sound sleeper, otherwise I would be able to get up in the morning and workout for fear of waking him up. Sometimes it wakes him up when he notices I am not in bed next to him but then he hears the TV and goes right back to sleep. I am thankful that he does this as we do not have a very big house (note: I do not want a bigger house I hate cleaning) so if he was a light sleeper it would ruin my early morning workout opportunity and I would have to fit it in another time or leave and go to the gym. Thank you hubby for sleeping like a rock!

Thankful November - Day 4

Not sure what happened to this posting but it did not post like it was supposed to so here it goes again

General Thankfulness:
Montana, I am thankful to live in this great state, where the pace can sometimes be a little slower and life in general can be a lot less stressful. It is all what you make of it! I love the weather, most of the time, summer's here are gorgeous and winter's well they can take your breathe away literally sometimes they are so cold. Seriously though looking up at the mountains and trees covered in snow you know where they get pictures for postcards. WOW!! I love living in this state.

Hubby Thankfulness:
That he knows what I need most of the time without me even saying a word. Saturday night our girls spent the night at sleepovers and so we were kidless. We could have gone out and partied, but we didn't. Hubby got home after dark from hunting with his dad and we had a late dinner and watched some TV and snuggled in bed and slept in until 10am! Oh yes I needed that time with him just the two of us, no feeling to fit in some party or time out on the town just us two. WONDERFUL!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Thankful November - Day 3

General Thanks:
I am thankful today for Facebook. Never thought I would say that, but it is true today. I haven't been getting on Facebook very often anymore I have been blogging with the realization that if anyone wants to know what I am up to they will read my blog, message me or call. Today though I got on to check out what everyone has been thankful for and I saw the Humane Society Update that their are baby kittens who will be ready for their forever home on Tuesday. Tuesday is the 6th and it marks one month of my kitty being gone. Stubs is not replaceable he was the coolest cat and the first animal my hubby and I got together along with my girls first pet, I still cry because I miss him. On that note though I want another cat a male definately a kitten and any color other than black and white. I have placed a call into the humane society and am hoping one of those kittens fits our family. Today I am thankful I saw the post because I am sure it is a sign that our family is ready for a new furry member. Fingers crossed.

Hubby Thankfulness:
A text sent to him for his patience today while we were hunting we only got a hun but I had so much fun. He was wonderful and it was fantastic to spend a little time hanging out my man.

What are you thankful for? Leave a comment or go to day 1 and link up.
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Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful November - Day 2

Day 2 here I come...

General Thankfulness:
Today I am thankful for employers who start fitness challenges! Oh yes you read that right, I have been in a funk the last week and half, I have thought about working out I just haven't actually done it. So yesterday my boss sends out an email inviting us to join him as an office and obtaining 160 hours of fitness for the month of November. Well there are enough of us that it equals approximately 4 hours a week, which is really easy if you just do it. I am starting tomorrow I believe as I am going hunting with hubby and he will walk my butt off I am sure. I can go to the gym and workout for an hour and sweat my butt off, but going hiking with hubby for a couple of hours will nearly kill me off and make me feel like I have never seen the inside of a gym. So thank you to my boss for knowing that this time of year it is so hard to get motivated to hit the gym. Oh our reward is a round of appetizers and a drink at a local place that was just remodeled. Very cool!!

Hubby Thankfulness:
Today for Love Gratitude Challenge I put a love bug note in my hubby's lunch box. I found these at Walmart in the clearance aisle and they are in the shape of little bugs and have cute little sayings on them. Today's message said "Thank you for being such a hard worker" Then on the back I wrote a note thanking him for working so hard for our family. I really do love and appreciate that man, even on the days his hard work drives me nuts or his perfectionism makes me batty at the end of the day I know that he does it for our family. LOVE HIM!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thankful November - Day 1

So I love posts from Mrs. P over at A Little Pink in a World of Camo, she is amazing and just always says whats on her mind. Well this month she is doing a Thankful November series we can call it she is blogging each day about something she is thankful for. I think this is a such a great idea I am joining her, and starting doing a first for me link up. I really think this a great idea and would love to hear what all of you are thankful for each day.

So today is November 1st and to be honest I am thankful Halloween has come and gone. Yikes that holiday runs me down every year maybe it is because it is not my favorite holiday I don't hate it by any means but I prefer holidays that don't have scary stuff and spiders. YUCK!

This year for Halloween my girls decided they wanted to be Marines, now our cousin in the Corps and I didn't want to disrespect the uniform so I tried hard to make sure they didn't look sloppy or thrown together. Here is what we came up with.

K in Cami's

L in Dress Blues
The story behind this being a little extra stressful is that I ordered costumes online on the 13th of October, however on October 24th I received an email stating that the dress blues uniform was out of stock and wouldn't be shipping. Really you wait for 2 weeks to let me know you don't have it in stock, thanks a lot NOT! So I have to make dress blues, yes at this point my eyeballs are popping out of my head and my stress level is off the charts. Thankfully I found a picture online of a costume a mom had made and I just followed her directions for not being a lover of sewing I think it turned out pretty good. It is a black fleece pullover and wind pants but we got the seal of approval from our cousin who said it looked really good. Thank Heavens someone was definately watching over me!

I also joined a Love Gratitude Challenge as a way to love on my hubby. So today I am thankful for his flexibility! Last night we both worked until 5pm, we still had to take the girls to great grandparents houses, have dinner and then trick or treat. So he willingly made dinner while I visited the great grandparents so that we would be on time. LOVE HIM!!

I hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and if you need a little blogging inspiration please join me in this Thankful November!

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