Monday, November 21, 2011

30 Days of Thankfulness

So November started this year again with the posts on Facebook, you are supposed to post every day what you are thankful for, for the whole month well I am not on there every day so I figured that was a fruitless promise but I can name stuff every day I am thankful for I am just going to do it all at once, so here we go...
  1. For my mom, without her who knows who would be watching my kids after school or what kind of mischief they would be getting into, Thank you Mom I know I don’t say it enough
  2. For my dad, he is silent strength, he really is a big teddy bear when it comes to me and my sister and even though some might say we are spoiled he has taught us great lessons too.
  3. For Ms. Hanson (Burke), you were an amazing teacher who encouraged me, I pray that my girls are blessed with at least one teacher who is as amazing and engaging and driven as you were.  If every teacher loved teaching and children as much as you did the world would be a better place
  4. God because even though things happen that I don’t understand and I get angry at him for not explaining the why He still loves me
  5. My Maternal Grandparents for all the wonderful memories, growing gardens, climbing trees, sailing with Christopher Columbus.
  6. My friend Jen because without her I wouldn’t have seen some of the things I have seen and I wouldn’t be who I am today
  7. Family because even though they are crazy most of the time I love them all the time
  8. For my forever friend Molly L – you are an amazing woman I am so glad God blessed me with you as a friend
  9. For my sister – Although we don’t always see eye to eye, I know she has my back whenever I need it and that nothing would ever get between us. Love you Heather
  10. For my forever friend Amanda – I have been praying for you and will continue to do so, you remind me of my blessings and that I shouldn’t take things for granted. Your prayers are going to be answered and I can’t wait to celebrate with you!
  11. Veterans, thank you for serving your country and fighting for our freedom
  12. For all my Rossiter Girls, we have been friends since elementary school and you are all so special to me, not many are blessed enough to meet their best friends in elementary school but I was and I am forever thankful.
  13. My Paternal Grandparents for showing me hard work does pay off I have heard your stories I get it.
  14. For Date Nights, they are still needed even though we are married they bring us closer and allow for some adult time! Whoever invented these Thank You!!
  15. My husband, because today is our 11 year dating anniversary and I can’t imagine my life without him!!
  16. For my oldest yet littlest girl Kaleigh, K Bug you have been a fighter from the beginning and are one amazing little girl.  Defenately my little tomboy you seem to take that term to a whole other level some days, I will probably argue with you about clothing for the at least the next 10 years but telling the truth you amaze me by how much self confidence you already possess.  I love you so much!
  17. For my youngest and taller girl Lauryn, you are so independent and already show that you are not a follower you are ok with what you are doing in life, you have the biggest heart and I can already tell you wear it on your sleeve.  You will do great things with that spirit of yours, and I can’t wait to see what the world has in store for you. I Love you Lauryn!!
  18. For fellow bloggers, you inspire, encourage and motivate me to write better and share openly
  19. For my Auntie title, I had my two babies at once and sometimes feel like I missed out on the baby stage because I think I got through in a sleep deprived coma, but my niece and nephew provide lots of opportunities for cuddles and thankfully my sister doesn’t seem to mind sharing J
  20. Hallmark Channel, this past weekend I did some shopping and lots of housework but I also got to spend some time sitting on the couch enjoying Christmas movies with my girls.
  21. Thankful for work, there are so many people out there that are searching hard to find a job and I have a job, and a great one at that.
  22. For an oven, I know sounds so simple but after going through a baking hiatus I have rediscovered my love of baking and I would be lost without my oven
  23. Thankful for the extra couple of days I get to spend with my kids because of the holidays and no school and no work
  24. Thankful for the memories my kids are capturing while we are gathered with family today
  25. Black Friday sales because even if I don’t buy anything sometimes it is fun to go out and enjoy the craziness
  26. Patience, as the plaque in my kitchen says “Grant me Patience to deal with my Blessings” AMEN
  27. Great coworkers, I work in a relativily small office there are only 11 of us and my coworkers really are great
  28. For my forever friend BreeAnn you are an inspiration to my creativity
  29. To have a house, a roof over my head is something I believe I have always taken for granted but over the last couple of years with everything that has happened in the US I am really thankful to have a roof over my head someplace to call home and spend time with my family and make memories
  30. The month of November, I love the month of November it is that month right before crazy hits that we get to slow down just a little and enjoy spending time together as a family.

What are you thankful for this month or this year?? Please share

Friday, November 4, 2011

Graysen Christopher Clark - 21 Weeks Old

I think I need to write this to get out the grief I feel, the pain that I cannot imagine as he is not my baby, but he is family and he was taken too soon.  Graysen is the first child for my cousin Alex and her husband Ashton; they are stationed in North Caroline currently as Ashton is a Marine.  Why this is important to my story I am not sure but I felt the need to share.  They are newlyweds, young and so in love and were so excited to welcome Graysen into this world and their lives.  God had another plan however and as I do not understand what the greater plan is I know it included Graysen going to live with Him, I am glad Graysen is with God as I know he is being taken care of and loved on and will be watching over us, but all of this doesn’t make it any easier to lose him.  I never got to meet Graysen but I can say I loved him, love him still.  I nicknamed him Three as he is my third cousin and I couldn’t wait for Alex to come back to Helena and celebrate with a baby shower and see her growing belly and when the inevitable deployment occurred I knew her plan was to come back to Helena so there was plenty of spoiling that was going to occur, now there is sadness and maybe even a little anger.  I know it is a stage of grief but really anger but I do definitely feel a little anger that he was taken so soon, taken from our family but mostly taken from his mommy and daddy.  And there is immense sadness, I can’t stop crying the question of why, why them, why him, why any baby.  I prayed so much last night and today, and although I know in my heart my prayers were answered they weren’t answered in the way that I wanted or hoped they would be answered and I am just heartbroken.  Graysen you will always be missed by your mommy and daddy and by us your extended family, you will be our angel in the sky.  Please watch over your parents as they take the first steps in the bumpy road ahead of them, remind them always that there is a greater plan and that the plan God has for you is way better than anything we here on earth could have dreamed up.  We love you .... now, forever and always!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Know What I Love About Right Now?

So yesterday I was reading the post by Kelle over at Enjoying the Small Things and it just made me happy.  I have been really busy lately with the girls and their multiple extras (homework, soccer, Halloween, birthdays) busy with life in general being a full time worker and wife can sometimes drown a person.  So this post as I was reading it made me smile and still does.  I am always reminding my kids to say thank you and appreciate what they have because there are tons of people out there that aren’t as fortunate might be the right word but the word that comes to mind is spoiled. I mean really when their birthday party looks like Christmas to others it is a sign for sure.  Plus I want them to be thankful for all things, having a roof over our heads, winter coats to keep them warm, getting new sneakers for school, getting to go to my mom’s house after school instead of a daycare, having cable, living with both of their parents, having extended family close and friends that are like family.  There are just so many things to be thankful for.  But I am with Kelle how do you explain to kids what being thankful is besides saying Thank You all the time?  Well her post gave me the great idea I love it so much I am vowing to ask my children every day “What did you love about today, what was your favorite thing today”.  I will be keeping you updated on their answers so stay tuned for those.
Today though right now I am thankful for Fall, because it means Family Time and Together Time because by this time of the year I am usually feeling a little disconnected on the family and couple front and I need reconnection, this year is no exception.  I am longing for the reconnection that takes place.  Date nights, family game nights, family movie nights and more date nights.  It has been what seems like forever since we had a date night and I am especially excited because tomorrow we get a date night nothing over the top just going to a local spot to listen to one of our friends play, but it is time we get to spend together and I can’t wait.  This time of year also means, weekends as a family, trips to the ski hill, sledding with friends, hunting, and making a big breakfast Sunday morning to sit down at the table and enjoy. Sigh it makes me so happy to just think about all the adventures and family and couple time we will get to enjoy over the next months. Right now I love FALL!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Are you Ready for Candletime?

I read about this on another blog I follow and I love the idea, however I issue the disclaimer that if any candles you light happen to cause a fire or burn anything that was not this blogs intention and we claim no responsibility :)

3 Wonderful Things

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