Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Five Minute Friday was missed so I am doing it on Wednesday!!

The word VISIT

Ready, Steady, Scribble....

Visit with a friend, or a family member and keep the lines of communication open.  These days we have email, text, phones, Facebook, and all kinds of other media that enable us to keep in touch but not have to actually visit.  I can hear my grandmother now she used to love it when we would come over for a visit. My mom, sister and I would go over to my grandparents house randomly to just visit. My grandparents loved to know that we were still alive and well, and you can always tell how someone is doing better when they are standing or sitting in front of you. If they are down and need a pick me up you can see it in their eyes, if they are sad or happy you can see it in their eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and you can't see their state unless you visit in person.  So go and visit someone you care about I know I still randomly stop by my paternal grandparents house to visit and as odd as it might sound I randomly stop by my maternal grandparents grave, I straighten it up and chat with them. It relieves stress and is refreshing because I know that they appreciate the visit.


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Thursday, January 23, 2014


Yep that is one spoiled cat and one happy kid and she didn't even know it.

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Sunday, January 19, 2014


Lisa-Jo has it again one word I get to write about for five minutes.

Here we go sit down buckle up and write......

Encouragement is so important to everyone it doesn't matter who you are what you are going through or have gone through if you are human you need encouragement. We thrive off of it and dwell on it of we haven't received it and we feel we deserve it. We look forward to it and can be surprised by it. As adults we sometimes can take it for granted or even feel entitled as children it can shape our futures. I try every day to encourage my children they are truly wonderful but I love praising and encouraging them for small things throwing their garbage away, making their beds, saying please and thank you, just the little things. You see I had these babies I was given the gift of raising them of being their mother, and I am so proud of the people they are becoming. They will be influenced along the way but I want to make sure that at the end of the day they know I am proud of them and that I will continue to encourage them along their road and wherever it may lead them.

Stop, loved this word and 5 minute Friday.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Words of wisdom

It is better to be poor than to be a thief.

Saw this in my Readers Digest, love that magazine.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Five Minute Friday, almost like therapy!!

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The word for today: See

Ready, Steady, Write...

See there is life after a rough year, see there is more to this world than money and junk, see there are people who care about others, and see there are some people who are not what you thought they were.  All of these things came to my mind when I saw this word today, the last one is ringing really true.  See some people are going through a mid-life crisis deciding that dressing and acting like they are in their 20's is a good idea, some people believe that if someone loans you something you shouldn't have to repay them if it is money or return any objects, some people are raised to believe they shouldn't have to work for anything and that they should have it all anyway, some people have forgotten the meaning of family, all people are fighting their own battles, and see all people are different.
We are all our own person, how we deal with situations whether it is wrong or right will be judged not by each other but by the Lord. We make our own decisions, what we wear, how our hair is cut/colored, how many kids we have, where we work or if we work, where we live, and even how we pay for items.  Some of us might have a bigger sense of entitlement or maybe the opposite we don't believe we deserve anything but we choose everyday.  See everyone is different, and even though we might not agree with some people we can still choose to see them for who they are, humans.  We are all humans, we see everything differently even twins don't always see eye to eye, but it is how we choose to see that makes the biggest difference.
Not sure this post went where I was thinking it was headed but it isn't edited and I still have a minute but I am stopping.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014


"The cycle continues because it is allowed to. No one says anything about, just so to keep the peace." -A Family Member

"If you didn't earn it, it isn't yours."

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cabin Fun 2014

The dawning of another year brings many things, one thing it brings to our family is our annual trip to a Forest Service Cabin, my brother and sister-in-law get my father-in-law a cabin rental for his birthday every year, he loves this gift.  So the first weekend we all gather at whatever location they have determined and we play board games, color, eat, drink and in general just hangout.  Getting away from electronics, no cell phones (because they usually don't work), no laptops or ipads, for the same reason it is wonderful.  I cherish this time with my kids as they grow older they may not want to spend this weekend at the cabin with family or they may ask to bring a friend and the answer will always be no, as this is family time.  A neccesary time in life to reconnect with those that mean the most to you and to be thankful that we get another year to let them know we love them.

This year was no different than the other years, we got up there Friday night got bed situations figured out and played a game, drank a little and went to bed late.  Saturday dawned with more fun, stoking the fire because it was cold outside, the boys went for a drive looking for some coyotes and to just shoot their guns and we girls stayed back, keeping the fire going (I will admit we didn't do half bad but we needed more training than we thought), we colored in the girls new color books with gel pens, put a puzzle together and played some card games. That night we had spaghetti for dinner with salad and it was all delicious, then we played some more games and went to bed a little earlier.  It got really cold that night and this particular cabin doesn't stay very toasty mainly because the woodstove in it is too small for the space but we had a great time. Sunday morning breakfast and the scurry and running of packing up. I am not sure but every time we go Sunday is not relaxation it is hurry and pack mainly I think because we all know we have to go back to the real world on Monday and we have to get our houses in order. But it was another great weekend and the girls had so much fun. It was a memory for our memory jar. (I promise to post a picture of our jar in another post) But for now here is our annual outside the cabin picture complete with coats, hats and maybe some gloves because like I mentioned before baby it was cold outside.

Monday, January 6, 2014


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So what do you say writing for 5 minutes uninterrupted without editing and no pre-planning, I say ready steady, set, GO.....

Fight, I think of so many things with this word. Fighting with someone literally, I have seen enough fist fights in my 33 years that one would think that they don't really bother me anymore but seeing a bare fist strike a face is harsh.  It makes me cringe still and almost always makes me gasp, however there are days I wish girls were more like guys in this area.  With youth comes fist fights, in high school for example, when two guys disagreed they would have a good old fashioned fist fight and at the end they would shake hands and it would be over. Like seriously there wasn't any of this let's talk about it for days on end, or I still hate him and want to ruin his life. With girls on the other hand when one girl hates you she wants all of her friends, family and associates to hate you. It is a sign of maturity I have come to realize. With youth comes ridiculousness. Girls are mean, and I didn't say that wrong I meant MEAN! We are always out to better ourselves at the expense of another female, one up each other. It is absolutely ridiculous. We brag about how good we are doing and are always thinking we know more about something than someone else, mainly another girl. I think it is funny that both of my girls prefer to hang out with boys, the reason there isn't drama with boys they tell it how it is and there is no fluff, no ulterior motive, no plan.  Boys are so much easier to understand they are usually fixers which is why they fist fight, it fixes their problem as far as they are concerned whether they won or lost the fight they won or lost the battle and that is that and it is over. No back-talking, no whispers, no lies, it is what it is and that is that.

A fight is a fight and that is all there is to it nothing more nothing less. How simple is that?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

24 Rules

I found the below list at this new blog I found

Thought Catalog 

24 Rules For Being A Human Being In 2014

1. Learn to be okay with not being okay.
2. Learn to have conversations that do not consist of lambasting someone else, especially when that someone is you.
3. Give the most kindness to those who seem like they least deserve it.
4. Learn to define and describe people without initially reaching for their sex or appearance as key adjectives.
5. Realize that perspective determines everything.
6. Understand that when something upsets you, it’s striking a nerve of truth.
7. Understand that when someone upsets you, the best thing to do is understand where they’re coming from.
8. Know that no matter how far you’ve come, there’s no point at which it’s appropriate to remain sedentary.
9. Be radically, sincerely honest. Be shocked at how deeply you can connect with people when you are.
10. Know that if you want to have a conversation about something that upsets you, insulting someone is only the by-product of your own defenses, and will ultimately raise theirs as well, not open lines of understanding and communication.
11. Realize that selflessness is one of the most predominantly wonderful qualities a person can have.
12. Learn to actually feel happy for other people.
13. Go into everything with the knowing that you don’t know it all, and that every experience is valid.
14. Invest in extra linens, donate what you don’t use, and keep extra Tylenol on you because people tend to need it and be without it rather frequently.
15. Call your siblings more.
16. Be present in what’s at hand. You owe it to the people in your life and to the things you’ve built for yourself.
17. Understand that letting go and moving on means very humbly and slowly gesturing in the direction of which you’d like to reach.
18. Get dressed everyday, just for yourself.
19. Give better goodbyes.
20. Carve out time to do nothing but be with yourself.
21. Boldly make yourself your first priority. You’ll do everything better when you do.
22. Stop shaming yourself for doing things that are perfectly, normally human, but happen to be deemed imperfect in society.
23. Read. A lot.
24. Reach out to people, open your heart, and watch how eagerly they jump in and do the same.


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