Wednesday, August 28, 2013

First Day 5th Grade

Here it is the long awaited picture. Can't believe it is their last year in elementary school. So sad and so excited for them.

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Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 11: I said I would never...

Bottle feed
Yep that idea went out the window when I had two preemies and I had to pump and I was stressed out and all I could think about was those two little beings and how they got food didn’t matter it just mattered that they got food and that I got to hold them and take them home.
Let my kids eat in my car
So I am sure some parent somewhere has accomplished sticking with this but I was not one of them. It was not a battle I was interested in having there are much more important things I would rather battle over, brushing teeth, wearing a helmet on their dirt bikes, saying please and thank you.
Wipe a booger nose and then wipe it on my pants
Oh yes I have so done this and no I didn’t gag when I did.
Let my kids sleep with me in my bed
Sometimes you have to choose sleep over rules, I choose sleep, my kids climbed into bed with us almost nightly for a couple of years they would start off in their beds but sometime in the middle of the night they would come into our bedroom and crawl into bed with us. Looking back I miss it as much as it might have been uncomfortable and I might have been a little grouchy in the morning from the kink in my neck I miss them crawling into bed with us and just snuggling.

Friday, August 23, 2013

FMF - Last

Joining Lisa Jo over at here it goes writing for five minutes this time on my phone.


The last xc race of the season. Big Sky here we come. Definitely one of my favorites in the past it is a good weekend away with friends and meeting new people. This weekend no kids and we have Shane's brother Wes with us. Camping in the pits, up early to help with registration and just hanging out. I love the mountain it is a beautiful place many people visit in the winter but experiencing it in the summer is amazing. Can't wait for our weekend of fun.


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Monday, August 19, 2013

Week 10: 10 Survival Tips To the Expecting Mom

One month old and so tiny

1. Breathe – This is something to enjoy
2. Listen but don’t take notes – Every mom within a 100 mile radius will have some piece of advice for you, most of it will be good advice but every baby is different so don't take hardcore notes
because the best is advice is to listen to your heart.
3. Ask for Help – No shame you are new to the journey and so many other moms including yours have done it before learn from their experiences and take what has worked and try it.
4. Enjoy it – It sounds cliche but I mean it when I say it goes by too quickly.
5. Admit when you are wrong – Yep you are a mom but even moms make mistakes.
6. Plans Change Oh Well – From the moment you go into labor your plans may go right out the window that is OK, the path is still there and the journey will still be the greatest adventure ever.
7. Rules What Rules– Whether you are co sleeping, breastfeeding, formula feeding, attachment parenting. Do what makes you feel comfortable what makes you happy and not what anyone else said you should do. This is all about you and your family not anyone else.
8. Love – Love your new addition with all your heart, you are the first love they are going to know make sure you teach them what true love is.
9. Know that you are doing a great job – No matter how out of control you feel, how out of your element you are you are loving your baby and you are doing the best you can do and that is all they ask.
10. Journal, blog, Take Pictures - Record the moments, don't spend all your time recording but definitely preserve some of your memories for when you are older looking back they make you smile and wonder and fall in love all over again.
5 years ago, look how little they were :(

Monday, August 12, 2013

Week 9: My goals for motherhood

Goals for motherhood? I am supposed to have goals? Ha!!
Just kidding I am not sure if I am the normal or not but I never set goals for myself for motherhood, that might be because I was young when I had my girls I didn’t plan on having kids right after I turned 21, I always thought I would be married when I had kids and I guess like most women I always thought I would have one at a time. God had other plans for all that there was a different path to follow I broke the rules a little. I had twins and was not married, but it is my path and not everyone else’s path.
My goal from the beginning was to survive, motherhood is not for the weak at heart. This is a tough job and it seems to be getting harder as they are getting older. When they are babies you still have some control over the situation but then you raise them to be independent to think for themselves to have thoughts and opinions and well all sense of control goes flying out the window.
My second goal is to raise daughters that have good self esteem. I want them to be happy with who they are, to enjoy their friends and to make sure they are always following their hearts.
I guess my goals for motherhood might be just instincts, there is no manual and I want to make sure that when I leave this earth I leave behind two girls who know that I loved them with all my heart and would move mountains for them.
They are already so independent, so caring, and so open minded. They are unique in their own ways and I can’t wait to see the things they will accomplish.  My goals for motherhood have already been met I have raised some really amazing girls!!

Friday, August 9, 2013

FMF - Lonely

It is Friday again know how I can tell? It is time for Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo over at oh I have told you once and I will tell you again I love it!

So today's prompt is: LONELY


Divorce is such a lonely sounding word. I have not experienced this and I am not experiencing it but I have been witnessing it with friends. And watching them struggle, and question and just plain look defeated is not something I would wish on my worst enemy.  Divorce is a terrible thing, unfortunately I think there are some scenarios that make it impossible to avoid. If you are going through divorce please remember you are not alone, you are cared about. Remember when the situation makes you question your decisions, your faith, your sanity. You are strong, fierce, and you have friends and family that are here for you. Stand tall stand proud and know that you are doing is right for you. I haven't meant anybody that got divorced frivolously.


So what does LONELY make you think of.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Week 8: If I could have one superpower...

Superpower? Like fighting crime, flying becoming invisible...

Hmmmm, I am not sure I would want any of those superpowers,  but if I could make it so my niece could talk I would say  What Do I Have To Do? 

She is the sweetest little girl, I love her smile, the spark in her eyes, the mischievousness that is her. She has a smile that lights up a room and I know there are a million words going through her head that just can't get out.  I would love to see the look on my sister's face when she says MAMA, the look on her daddy's face when she says LOVE YOU, and the grin my nephew would get from a simple BROTHER.  She is an angel for sure she reminds us all to enjoy each moment, live in the present and if we always have a smile on our faces life really isn't that bad.  Yes her parents had to rework the plan they had for her but it was their plan not her plan or God's plan and I know she will make amazing strides and she will live a life the rest of us could only dream of.

What superpower do you wish you had?

Sunday, August 4, 2013

FMF - Story

Today I am joining late Lisa over at Lisa-Jo Baker I love joining her for Five Minute Friday and her prompts make me smile even the ones that bring thoughts of maybe unpleasant things. However today's prompt makes me think of amazing things it makes me think of...


I love this prompt I am thinking of my story my life. My story started 32 years ago give and take some months as my birthday isn't until December but my story was already written in the stars. My story is not including being a millionaire but my story includes being abundantly happy. I had a page turn in my storybook a month ago and I thought that life was ending and that all my dreams were coming to an end as far as money, finances, and my career path. I was so wrong. My page turn has forced me to remember my little girl dreams of becoming a teacher and getting my college degree. I am applying to Havre I think I have decided and that is a wonderful feeling. I am do most of my classes online and I the two that I can't do online I can do in Butte. Oh yes Butte Montana the lovely city that is really not lovely but I will drive to Butte to get this degree and do a job that I dream of. I am jealous of teachers as much stress that comes with being a teacher I love all the planning and the want of knowledge on a child's face. I love that elementary education shapes a child for the rest of their life that you can help a child dream and want more.

I can't wait to begin this chapter in my storybook and I am so thankful that I have a wonderful husband, wonderful parents, and wonderful friends that have encouraged me and I know will support me through this journey. I cannot thank you all enough without the push and encouragement I would be still sitting behind a desk in the same job not loving life and smiling when people say do you like your job but knowing that I was going nowhere.


So what is your story, what chapter are you in?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Workout Challenge Day 3

The weekend's are always the hardest but I did my ab workout here it is.

Today I did....

25 bicycle crunches
25 reverse crunches
25 leg raises

Oh yes and I helped grind up a ton of meat and make summer sausage and brats. Yummy.  

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Workout Challenge Day 2

Today went a little different than planned the getting up this morning and working out didn't happen. So at 9 o'clock I fit in my workout.

Today I did...

A run to the school and back
20 leg raises
20 bicycle crunches
20 reverse crunches

I drank...
24 oz of water

In to tomorrow

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Workout Challenge Day 1

So I decided I would challenge myself this month with motivation from some friends on Facebook here it goes.

Today I did...

30 minutes Jillian Michaels
15 reverse crunches
15 bicycle crunches
15 leg raises

And I drank...

48 oz of water

Time for bed so I can do it again tomorrow. Three quarters of the challenge is getting up and doing it again.

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3 Wonderful Things

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