Monday, July 29, 2013

Week 7: If I could turn back time...

I would change nothing. Everything that has happened in my life has been for a reason. God has a bigger plan and I am on the path I am supposed to be on. I haven't enjoyed all of the moments and there are definitely things that I have thought of if I could only undo that. But in the end it would change the grand ending and I don't want to change that because I believe that the end will be magical and wonderful. What would you change if you could turn back time?

Friday, July 26, 2013

FMF -Broken

Linking up with Lisa Jo over at Her five minute Friday is fabulous.

Prompt: Broken


Oh the things that come to mind when I hear that word. Funny it could be a bad word and make one sad or mad bit it is taking our family in another direction. My husband broke his leg he is broken still as it hasn't healed all the way and he has not been released to work. However, his broken leg has taken our family in a journey that I wouldn't change we have become even closer as a couple, two girls have seen their daddy fight some pretty intense pain and seen him be human. And we as a family have spent a lot more time together. His broken leg has grown us we have had to rely on each other more and lean on each other for support. I am sure a hundred percent sure I would never have said at the beginning of this journey that I am thankful for broken things but one broken leg has been a blessing in disguise and I am thankful for this journey. God has a plan for us and a path already chosen for us to travel and although the road may be rocky and some of the hills turn into mountains. I am enjoying this wild ride.


What is broken mean to you.  

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Week 6: If I could be anything in the world..

Anything at all that is pretty easy a teacher. I have always wanted to be a teacher and I made the mistake of skipping college for a boy and have never made it back. Now I look at myself at the age of 32 and think there is no way Iwould ever get a teaching job. I am trying to figure that one out I have looked at a couple of jobs in the local school district thinking that maybe I could work as a secretary while going back to college. I hope one day to figure it out I know people older than me have gone back to college I just hate to take steps backwards although earning my college degree is hardly a step backwards. It would be a hard decision to make financially. We will see I haven't stopped dreaming so there is still a chance.

Friday, July 19, 2013


Five Minute Friday with Lisa-Jo Baker! Oh yes you all know I love this, five minutes of writing with no rules except there is no editing, backspacing and pre-planning.

Here we go...


Funny how one word can bring up so many thoughts.  I have been wondering since Wednesday if I belong, I started a new job on that day and the place is nice. The women I work with are amazing so nice, honest and there isn't any drama. I mean can you believe it, an office full of women there is only one man and there is no drama. I think part of that is because they are so busy but I don't really care what the reason. It is fabulous. The work is good, I have never been in this industry before so it is interesting to me and the job I am doing is covering all areas, some bookkeeping such as invoicing people, customer service which I love and believe can kill a business if it is bad, and data entry. But most of all I am not bored which is terrific and my brain is being used always a good thing.  So why am I worried I don't belong because all I have been thinking about all week is insurance, I have to have health insurance for hubby and the girls, I mean that is part of the reason I work I have to have health insurance and with this job I have to wait 6 months to get it. YIKES that seems like a long time when you have two little girls and a hubby.  I love that I can set my own hours for the most part and that the people are really just so nice. I just need health insurance and am worried. I wish this was easier but life is a little stressful right now and I worry a lot. Prayers that God guides me in some direction because I need to have a job I enjoy, that keeps me busy and keeps me thinking, bored is not something that is good for me it makes life quite miserable. So do I belong here have I found a place I belong for the long haul because I want to find a job that has room for advancement in an industry that will keep me learning for the rest of my working career. Belong???


What comes to mind when you hear the word BELONG? Go over to Lisa's blog and link up with your thoughts!!

Monday, July 15, 2013

A Week in Recap 07 14 13

I think I have tried this before and it didn't stick but I am going to recap the past week. I am hoping to do this every Sunday or Monday it is like writing in my diary but way different too.

Here we go a week in review.

This week wasn't too bad a lot of job hunting which I am starting to enjoy more and more. It is a challenge yes but it is also opening my eyes to all the wonderful opportunities out there. I love that I get to look, read, and write. Filling out job applications and resumes plus doing cover letters is no small feat it takes time, patience and thought.

The girls got their braces! Oh yes we have hit phase 2 of braces full metal mouth in effect. It is cute and painful to watch them.  Their little mouths look almost swollen with all that stuff in there and it is ruining their speech which is driving this mama a little nuts but it is a phase and we will get through it.
Aren't they cute!!
We have been a busy family Saturday we a race track practice day, and since the girls wouldn't be able to race because we had plans on Sunday, Daddy offered them practice day which means they got to ride their bikes on the track for 15 minute intervals I think 4 or 5 times, they loved it of course.  And we got some work hours in even though we weren't scheduled to work we flagged so the girls could race and they were helping one of the young men at the track flag it was fun and hot.

Saturday night was a BBQ at Papa and Nana's house, it was fun to chat with everyone and the girls went with a neighbor and went swimming at a local hotel. They came home exhausted and were pretty tired the next day too but it never lasts long.

Sunday we went to Elkhorn it is a Ghost Town, the trip was for a family picnic and it was fun to see some out of town family and meet some new family.  We took a hike up to the cemetery and learned a little history, then we drove through the town and checked out some of the old buildings. It was so green up there, so quiet and so just beautiful. I loved it pretty sure I could move there.  On the way home we stopped at the Boulder River and did some fishing it was mosquito infested so I am pretty sure I need a blood donation as I am lacking what those little blood suckers took.  But the girls each caught a fish too small to keep but here is picture proof.

What a great week and weekend my life is less stressful lately and I am pretty sure I am right where God intended for me to be. I am so Thankful!

Week 5: If I were to win the lottery, 5 Things I'd Buy

I have to admit I am not sure I am a good person to ask about this I don't really like to gamble I don't have much money and I definitely don't want to waste it on a chance that I may or may not win millions. However I have been known to buy a lottery ticket or two actually I think that is all I have ever bought it two, yes in my lifetime I mean it when I say I hate wasting money.

So 5 things I would no order of importance

1. My kids' futures - I would invest I know this might not be actually buying but I would definitely put lots of it away for my kids' so they have money for college, cars, down payments on houses and the like.

2. Disneyworld Vacation - this is a definite I would take the hubby and girls down to Florida for a couple of weeks that way there would be a few days of laying on the beach involved for mama.

3. A dirt bike - well maybe three, I would buy hubby a brand new dirt bike with all the upgrades he could ever dream of and the girls of course would get new dirt bikes as well. They love dirt biking I love going and I think this one would include a dirt bike for mama. I want to learn to ride hubby is afraid I will get hurt because I am a scared cat for sure but I would love to join my little family on trail rides through the mountains they can keep their racing I am still Pit Mama for that.

4. A new camper and truck - this might be a whole family present but I would love a new truck for hubby and a new camper to pull behind it. Part of this wish would be the result of watching RV 2012 last night on the TV and seeing some of the extremely nice toy haulers man they have nice campers in the $100,000 range.

5. All the materials for hubby to build me a dream home. My husband might not love carpentry as much as he used to, it is hard to love something that everybody wants quick and dirt cheap but he is damn good at what he does. His perfectionism comes out and he goes all out and every detail is perfect he spares nothing, if he is going to build it it will be grand and beautiful and last the test of time.

So what is on your dream list if you won the lottery, a house, boat, toys, college?

Friday, July 12, 2013


Oh my gosh I have been missing this so much!! It is FIVE MINUTE FRIDAY with Lisa Jo over at Lisa Jo Baker. I love this, OK so here is the rules write for five minutes about the word for the day and then check out the persons blog that posted before you. Pretty easy, no editing your post just write.
Here goes nothing!


Present I am trying to learn to live in the present and not the past. One cannot change the past but your actions right now in this moment can affect the future.  You have the ability to make your present all you want it to be. Isn't that great? I love this so lately there has been a little extra stress in our lives, but I am choosing to make the best of the situation and enjoy the present. I cannot change the past but I can make the future so much better. I am excited about the future I am excited about all the changes that are taking place in our little family and all the fun things that we have ahead of us. Most importantly I am excited about my professional future and hubby's professional future. I believe we have been given the opportunity to make our lives better more enriched and even more blessed than they already are. Oh God is so good, it might be a knee scraping climb to the top but to the top we are going baby.


Monday, July 8, 2013

Week 4: My Biggest Weakness

Weakness? I would love to say HA I don't have any weaknesses, but instead I am sitting here debating what the biggest one is, yes there are several.

There is the weakness of food, I keep trying to lose the last 15 pounds and I swear it might be impossible I just love me some good food, junk food oh heck I love me some food period.

I would also say my need to be in control is a weakness I keep thinking it would be nice if I had more help around the house but then I notice when I ask hubby or the girls to help with something I am critiquing them and redoing what they have done or they don't do it quick enough yep definitely a weakness.

And every woman's weakness self doubt because if we didn't have self doubt we could accomplish so much more in life. I doubt my skill level at a sport so I don't put myself out there in fear that I will embarrass myself. I mean really when I die is anyone going to be at my funeral saying Oh my gosh she was a terrible skier no in likely hood I will be thinking I wish I would have enjoyed myself a little more and feared stuff a little less because we if can't laugh at ourselves we can't laugh at anybody.

So what is your biggest weakness?

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Week 3: My Life 5 Years From Now

Five years from now, seems like forever but is just a blink of an eye.

I will have two almost sixteen year olds, now that is scary.

I will be married to my hubby for almost 9 years and with him for 18 years. YIKES, DOUBLE YIKES!!

I hope that I am a little less stressed about money, that I still value my family as much as I do know, that I have no grey hair, I mean after all I will be nearing my 40’s in five years. That my life is still as blessed as it is today.  I may not have it all but together we have everything we need. Love this life and so thankful for everything that God has given us every moment of happiness and sadness because without one of the other I wouldn’t be able to cherish it all.

What does your life look like in 5 years?

Week 2: 10 Things I Live For {or can't live without}

My Hubby – He is my world, my best friend and with all the stress of living and trying to make a path of our own and ensure our kids have it better, we have times of drifting apart but we always drift back together.  We have grown as a couple so much in the last 4 years I am happy to have him by my side, proud to be called his wife and honored that God chose me for this job.  I can’t imagine spending my days and nights with anyone else.

My Kids – K & L are my world to, I don’t take my mommy job lightly in fact sometimes I take my mommy job a little too seriously I mean after all how can you enjoy something if you are always trying to perfect it.  Seriously though how can you not enjoy two faces that even at the age of ten still give me hugs and kisses goodbye.  The are strong willed, independent, funny, cute, honest, devoted, and everything I could ever hope for in daughters.  They amaze me time and time again and make my world my carefree, although sometimes more stressful, they keep me honest and they make me want to be more than I am.   

Country Air –Ok this might seem strange but I guess what I am really saying is I am a country girl at heart I love visiting a big city andall the hustle and bustle but at the end of the day I want fresh air to breathe in and a view of the mountains and stars in the sky.  I want crickets outside my window at night and birds in the morning.  I love living out here where my biggest stress sometimes if mud being tracked in and out and having to dust more often than I like.

Family – My family I have lived by them all of my life, aunts, uncles, cousin’s, grandparents we live close together and get to get together to celebrate birthdays, graduations, babies, and holidays.  We love celebrating and I love them they keep me grounded and I am thankful that I get to spend time with them and that my kids have gotten to grow up around that.

Books – I love reading I mean love it, and most of the time it is fiction reading but give me a good story and it relaxes me and takes me to another time and place.  Oh the adventures I can go on reading.

Jesus – He is my savior and I love that I can talk to Him about anything.  I can tell Him my worries and no matter what is happening I know that He has a plan for me and a plan for my family.  We all have bumps in the road and hills to climb but it is so much easier with Him by my side.

Green Tea – Love this stuff, funny but I love it cold more than warm but it gives me my caffeine fix in the morning and I love everything about it.  It has health benefits and I can share it with my kids.  I take it with me everywhere.

Water – Oh how I can’t live without it, literally medically they say you can live longer without food than water, but that has nothing to do with it if you know me you know that I am all about drinking water I always have a my water bottle with me, in fact last Sunday I left it in a friends car and Monday I was tracking her down to retrieve it.  I also have to have water to wash my face I wash it every night before bed it has become a habit that I don’t break not even when camping. I love me some water!!!

Laughter and Memories – I love the sound of laughter from my hubby and kids, it warms my heart and puts a smile on my face and reminds me of how blessed I really am.  Oh that sound it can take the worst day and bring everything into focus.  With that laughter comes great memories, we are making them every day and the best ones usually include laughter.

Writing – This blog I am sure I could live without it but if you made me choose between this and Facebook, I would say so long to Facebook in seconds whereas I love this blog. It helps my creative side, it relieves stress, it helps me capture memories, it reminds me of all my blessings. I love writing on this here little blog and sharing it with family and friends. So Hello!!

Week 1: Who I am

Blogging with a Purpose Week 1... Who I am

I am a Daughter…
With the best parents a girl could ask for, a mom who is lively, strong willed, stubborn, wild, fun, honest and is my best friend and a dad who is stubborn, strong willed, proud, hard working, and supportive.  My parents have been there through the best and the worst and have encouraged me the whole way.

I am a Sister and an Aunt…

I am the oldest sister with one younger sister.  I don’t remember fighting all that much but there were definitely times, we are two different people with the same goal in life I believe to grow up and be like our parents.  To make it in this world with those we love around us, no need to be rich, but comfortable would be nice some days, and to have a love to last the ages.  I am an Aunt to one all American boy and one sweet princess of a niece.  They are amazing I love them both so very much and love spending time with them.

I am a Granddaughter, Niece, Cousin…
I have an amazing family they don’t always get along and they often have little fights among them because well if you hadn’t already figured it out we are all a little stubborn with our own ways set in stone.  We make up the rules for getting along as we go and thankfully have only a few cracks in the path and I am guessing there might also be a few skeletons in the closet.  Oh well doesn’t every family have those, we can still get together for a good party and celebrate.

I am a Friend…
I have a group of seven girlfriends who have been with me since Elementary school and one friend I picked up in Middle school.  I love all of them and they each bring something different to our friendship, the seven of us are quite the group when you get us all together which hasn’t happened in years, we always seem to be missing one or two, but we still try and monthly have a girls night where we can get together and chat, bounce ideas off each other and just in general be us with no kids and no hubbies, there are no rules.  My eighth girlfriend is my opposite but that is why we get along so well our lives growing up were completely different and our lives to this point have been different and even though we don’t talk as much as we used to we can get together and we caught up in seconds and talk for hours.

I am a Mom…
Two the most amazing twin girls anybody could ask for. I know I might be biased but really my kids have been blessing and surprising me since the day they arrived 6 weeks early.  They keep me on my toes, remind me not to take life to seriously, keep me young, terrify me with adrenaline junkie style and can put a smile on my face in a matter of seconds.  I am so blessed to have them call me mom.

I am a Wife…
To a terrific husband, after dating for 9 years, marriage was not something we rushed into but it seems to be working for us.  All of the ups and downs go with the road and no matter what I can say I am proud to have him by my side for each bump, u-turn, and fork.  He is the glue some days when I think everything is falling apart reminding me that life goes on, and we get to choose how we react to a situation.  Love him, big time.

I am a Woman…
All of the above have shaped me into the person I am today but I am definitely at the end of the day still a woman, I worry about my figure, want more for my family, stress about little things, spend money when I shouldn’t, work towards perfection and laugh at imperfections, enjoy the quiet of the country, reading a good book and just being me.

So who are you?

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