Friday, December 12, 2014

Kindness Elves Recap Days 6-12

Oh and the fun continues...

I am really starting to love the month of December again, and watching the looks on my girls faces, yes they are 12 and no they don't believe in Santa anymore, but they still believe in the magic and that is what really matters.  I want them to always believe in something that they can't see, it keeps the soul happy.

Day 6
Oh the fun that came, the first weekend we had a change of plans
but that is the way of the world and we went with it.
Thankfully the girls thought it was fun.

Day 7
We ended up spending Day 6 at the Festival of the Trees, and
hanging out at home, which was great! So Sunday we went and got
a tree as a family and had some friends join us, it was a great day!

Day 8
 Most of you know my girls are a little rugged and they love
love football, so today was a treat day. A small surprise and they loved it.

Day 9
 I would like everyone to know sending cards to soldiers is not as easy as one
would think it should be.  We wrote in some cards that we got at the dollar store,
sweet message of Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Thank you! And a friend
is delivering them to vets out at the fort for us. Thank Goodness.

Day 10
Giving money to the Red Kettles is much easier, and the girls love doing it. 
Wal-mart and Van's were our stops, even a little helps those in need.

Day 11
Toys for Tots is a great program and the girls love giving toys.
Thankfully there is a box at Pacific so we are dropping ours in there and visiting family.

Day 12
We love decorating gingerbread things this time of year, and this just happens to fall
the night before the girls get a sleepover at Uncle Wes' house where
they are decorating a gingerbread house. All Aboard!!

I hope you are all discovering a little extra magic this time of year and
celebrating the spirit that is Christmas!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Kindness Elves Recap Days 1-5

Sorry for being so MIA lately, but I promise I am making a comeback on this little blog.  There will be more about my missing presence and some of the things I have been wanting to share with family and friends in a post next week. This post however is focused on our Kindness Elves.

So I got this idea from a fellow Instagramer, Imagination Tree, and I couldn't be more excited about it. I have always seen Elf on the Shelf and I love his antics however I don't love that I have to threaten my kids to be good, instead I am hoping to give them ideas for being good, sharing love, and showing kindness.

Day 1
This was the introduction of the Kindness Elves,
I was so excited about bringing these little guys out 
And of course the girls were thrilled, Introducing Winter, formally Griz, and Shorty!!

Day 2
Now the whole point in the elves was so that the girls were showing kindness to others
but were having fun while they were doing it.
This day brought two birdseed bells so we could share some kindness 
with our feathered friends.  My girls get a love of birds from my mom and
their great-grandma's, so much fun hanging these outside.

Day 3
Oh, if you know my girls at all you know their love of animals, furry creatures big and small
bring smiles to their faces.  So Day 3, brought out a cat bed that K had actually bought for our cat, but he refuses to use.  She has been wanting to take it to the humane society for months, the elves bundled it up with some other goodies and off we went.  We spent and hour at the shelter, petting and playing with the older cats. If you are looking please consider adopting they are wonderful animals. The girls also got to hold a couple of the kittens and love on some of the office dogs. A great time was had and the girls already want to go back again.

Day 4
This day was about the girls, letting them know that their kindness had not gone unnoticed.
They love my mom's peppermint gum, she buys it special just for them really and 
so when this Candy Cane gum was right up their alley. They were very excited and funny
they took it to school and shared some with their friends. So Proud. 

Day 5
A treat for the mailman, yes it is a guy, and
some cards for a friends daughter who could use some extra cheer.

Another recap next week and some more posts,
because I have missed my little blog
and writing about our life!
Merry Christmas

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