Monday, December 30, 2013

College Entrance Essay

Oh my gosh I did it I took my readiness assessment and I am not sure if I passed, but I am feeling really good about it. Below is the essay I had to write, hopefully they love it!! So excited to be pursuing my passion, what do you think?

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” Oprah Winfrey. Describe if you agree or disagree and what this quote means to you.

I would love to see all the different responses to this question, as a blogger I love link-ups when I can read other peoples thoughts and ideas.  In this quote the speaker, Oprah, is saying that luck and opportunity are one in the same and that if one is prepared they just have to get the opportunity and they will be lucky.  I agree with this thought, I am going back to school so that I will have the opportunity to apply for, interview, and obtain my teaching career. I cannot get the opportunity and become lucky enough to be a teacher without being prepared for the field of study that I want to make my career.  So many people say that there are lucky people and there are unlucky people.  If I sit back and look at it though I believe we can all be lucky, just like Oprah says it is all a matter of preparation.
Yes that man might have just won $2,000 dollars playing the keno machine, but how many hours did he put in sitting on that stool and how much money did he spend before he won.  In a funny way I guess you could say he prepared for that win, he was lucky because he had put in the time and money and the opportunity arose for him to be a big winner. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, judges, maybe even presidents, were all prepared when opportunity came knocking, this made them lucky to get their dream jobs.  Look at President Obama, had he ran for office 20 years ago I do not believe he would have been elected, the country was not ready for his ideas and positions.  He prepared himself for that office and with the opportunity came he was ran and won, how lucky is that?
Every one of us has prepared for something in our lives, and been given the opportunity and achieved it whether it was learning to walk, writing a novel, running a marathon, or landing our dream job. There is preparation in everything we do, and we prepare so that when opportunity comes we can achieve our dreams and be lucky!

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Commenting or Liking Revisited

This is a re-post but I hope it helps!
I have had some inquiries into how you comment on my blog or share it, thanks for giving me the idea for this post all you who were wondering/questioning/asking.
You can comment by clicking on the link below the post. For example it may say No comments once you click on it it the comment box will open. You can type your comment and if you are not a google member you can pick Name/URL or Anonymous for the profile.  If you pick Anonymous please leave your name in the comment section I love to know what you think, even if I might not agree!!  Once you hit post comment you are done.
Same with the comment feature at the bottom of the post there are different options for creating a link to my post so you can share it on your blog.  
I am always open to comments about my blog please remember that these are my original thoughts and are copyrighted as such. Please do not share as your own.
Thanks and I hope this helps those that asked.

Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 Here We Come!!

As the start of a new year looms within reach of our outstretched hands, I can't believe the last year we have experienced.  Starting another business, breaking a leg (literally), our girls turning another year older, starting a new job, making new friends and leaving some friends behind, and all the ups and downs, bumps and slides of living life.  I have been thinking about getting back to my blog for a couple of weeks now, experiencing a little of a low I think you could say.  Not really sure where life is going or what my goals are makes writing hard.  My Five Minute Fridays are on hiatus for the month as it is a busy month and every writer needs a break a breather a chance to collect their thoughts and gain new perspective. 

Well that is what 2014 is going to be for me, for our family.  We had a rough 2013, but even though everything didn't happen the way we may have hoped it all happened for a reason and the bigger picture is on a clipboard in the sky somewhere.  This coming year is going to see more changes, challenges, highs and lows I am sure because that is all part of the journey but we can choose how to experience those.  We are taking on a couple of new challenges.  There were a couple of posts on Facebook that caught my attention one is the 52 Week Money Challenge, this sounds interesting although I have seen many say that it might be wise to start this challenge going backwards so you are not trying to put $52 dollars in there in December. I am very into this idea and am hoping to start it this year very exciting. The other idea is the Memory Jar for the New Year, this is my favorite.  We always come to the end of the year and remember the hard times or the struggles but we forget all the good times and the great memories we have made.  I am going to stop by the thrift store tomorrow for a jar for our family and the dollar store for a small pad of paper I can't wait to start filling a jar with all the great memories and events in the coming year.

With the coming new year and the things we are doing as a family, I will be starting back to school online strictly this time as driving back and forth is hard on my family and I know they will support me either way so I would rather do it online.  I will be an Elementary Teacher before I know it.  I am also hoping to get some of my workout drive back.  I have definitely struggled with depression a little since I had kids, I think that is because you lose a part of you when you have kids and I have just had ups and downs and it wears on a mama.  However working out is like a drug to me so back to it I go, I decided to not wait for the 1st and I ran today for 30 minutes according to my ipod I did 2.3 miles I am not sure how accurate that thing is but I will take it.  It felt great and exhausting and I needed it. Now to see if I get my butt out of bed tomorrow morning so I can do it again before I go to work, I like that quiet time in the morning it renews my sense of self.  I am also working on letting go of control, I freak out when we are stressed for money, or whenever I don't have control over something and I need to stop that and just take things in small baby steps and we will get through it if we can get through all the challenges of the last year we can get through so much more than I give us credit for.

So here is to a fabulous, adventurous and exciting 2014. Farewell to 2013, you weren't great but you taught us a lot and I definitely wouldn't trade the adventure for anything.

Please comment and tell me what your goals, hopes and drivers are for 2014!!

Monday, December 23, 2013


Thank you to a dear friend and her kiddos for the wonderful nativity scene!

Merry Christmas!!

3 Wonderful Things

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