Thursday, February 21, 2013

Marriage & Parenting: Being Thankful and Present

I haven't been blog reading as much lately, too much going on at home. Painting, carpet laying, moving of stuff all to give two girls their own rooms, it will be worth it it just takes a lot of energy, I promise more details and pictures when it is done. Until then I got to do a little catch up reading and these two posts made my heart hurt a little because there is so much truth in them. Love your hubby and don't keep tabs on who is doing more or less, and listen and be present for your kids whatever you are doing can wait and tomorrow they will be another day older.
For all you parents, Rachel at Hands Free Mama is a daily must read.
How To Miss a Childhood is a great post and reminder. Read it really read it.
For all couples, Time Warp Wife is a great reminder.
This post from Time Warp Wife, made me cry and smile knowing that yes I have been that wife grumbling about making lunch for my husband, rubbing his back and mainly just taking him for granted, I may still from time to time do this but I promise after reading this post I will do it ten times less.
I hope you enjoy these two blogs as much as I do.

Monday, February 11, 2013

14 Days of Valentines Days 6-11

OK so my daily posts idea may have gone up on smoke. I have been so busy we are almost finished with the office in the garage and that means there has been a lot of moving of stuff. I would prefer another word but I will keep it PG. Anyway all the moving has kept us really busy, this weekend we made so much progress though I am so excited I will share all about it in another post tomorrow. Today's post though is about Days 6-11 to catch you up I am not sure I can find pictures for all the days but I will try I haven't been very good with camera either lately.
Day 6 - Fruit Snacks
Note: A treat for my favorite MONKEY!
Day 7 - Chapstick
Note: I love KISSING you!

Day 8 - Licorice
Note: I am so glad you CHEWS me!


Day 9 - Skittles
Note: Thinking about you gives me the SKITTLES!
Day 10 - Soda
Note: You are SODA amazing!

Day 11 - Hot Pretzels
Note: You make me HOT and WILD!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

14 Days of Valentines - Days 1-5

I got this idea last year and my hubby loves it! This works in my favor when he thinks he is being funny and says they cancelled Valentines Day this year I just say oh well I guess no 14 Days. He always comes back with no they just cancelled it for everyone else! I take this to mean he really likes it and yes he is a little spoiled.
So I have been behind on my posting so I will catch you up on Days 1-5 and then I promise to post once a day for the next 10 days. Most of these presents are either free or from the dollar store, no need to break the bank to show my hubby I love him I am pretty sure he already knows it is just fun to surprise him each day.

Day 1 - A plastic heart filled with Sweethearts.
Note: You have my heart always have always will!
Day 2 - Bottle Caps candy.
Note: You are soda amazing!

Day 3 - Starburst Red favorites.
Note: You make my heart BURST!
(corny yes, did he smile and laugh yes but he loved it)
Day 4 - Two miniature boxes of Frosted Flakes.
Note: I think you are GREAT!

Day 5 - Raisinets Dark Chocolate covered.
Note: You can always make me smile, one of the many RAISIN's I love you!

Check back tomorrow for his next present, and you can always check out the The Dating Divas blog for more great ideas on dating your hubby!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

500 Calorie Treadmill Workout

So in my search to find something besides The Jeff Probst Show to make my Wednesday and Thursday treadmill runs more entertaining the Internet provided me with this.
The first sentence spoke to me, "It's no secret I'm not a huge fan of the treadmill", I ditto that, second whatever I agree. I don't hate the treadmill but it can get boring and mundane and that makes me not exactly thrilled to go to the gym. Well that is until I tried this workout, I think I might actually like the treadmill now. Oh yes I said that. I normally workout at home with Jillian Michael's Monday, Tuesday and Friday but Wednesday and Thursday are the two days I have an hour lunch so off to the gym I go. I did this workout the other day and was gross sweaty but I loved the feeling of accomplishment when I was done.
Go ahead you know you want to try it. :)

Friday, February 1, 2013

Night skiing

The girls first time night skiing how exciting. Thursday Shane mentioned Friday night he would like to take the girls skiing after school. I am not a huge fan of skiing nit I like going along for support and sometimes I even run onto friends in the lodge. Tonight no friends in the lodge but it is pretty quiet and I wish I would have brought a book oh well lesson learned for next time.  I love that my girls are bigger daredevils than their mama they love the adrenaline rush and the adventure.  I love that they have things they can do with their daddy. So much fun hopefully I can get a picture.

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Wonderful Post

OK so while checking out the web I found this wonderful post by My Friend Teresa Photography we are not actually friends although I love reading her blog and she takes fabulous pictures we have never met and in fact we have never even talked but she inspires me, funny how some people inspire us and we don't even know it. Well I am will share throughout this year some of the people who inspire me, some will surprise you some may not but I think when someone inspires me they should know about it. Hopefully it puts a smile on their face. So here is the link to the picture, I have noticed lately I have this need to be in pictures with my kids, if you look at pictures from when they were really little there are not as many pictures with me in them. Usually my role is behind the camera but lately I turn the camera around and snap a fun shot of me with my girls or me with my hubby. I live this life too, I want it to be documented. Her post is wonderful it inspires and brings to light the fact that life is short and we all live this life so why not have pictures to look back on and jog the memory.
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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