Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Pictures

As promised pictures of our Easter Fun!!

Dying Eggs with Daddy

So Pretty

Kaleigh's Sports Themed Eggs

Lauryn's Bright and Shiny Eggs

Not bad considering the glue that was used for the Bright and Shiny eggs

They have their own unique Easter styles

Egg Hunt at Great Grandma's

Priceless Pictures Great Grandma holding her Great Granddaughter

Silk Tie Dyed Eggs

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

Wow what a weekend! We did some silk tie dyed eggs I will post pictures later right now I am blogging from my phone and posting pics takes forever on here so will have to wait till I am at the regular computer. The eggs look awesome but very wasteful as you can't eat them because there is no telling what chemicals the silk was dyed with and I am not willing to take the chance.
Then today was a full day of adventure. Got up early well I should say the girls got us up early thank goodness that bunny sent the looking for clues as to where their baskets were hidden so that took them a little extra time which gave me a chance to wake up and feel functional it was 7am after all! We had breakfast bacon and waffles yummy and then got ready for the full adventure of the day. Off to my parents house for a little egg hunt then to Shane's dads house to see Nana and Papa and get more Easter goodies. To the VFW Easter Egg Hunt in East Helena always a good time we get to see lots of friends which is always a treat. Kaleigh got two prize eggs and one of them was a Golden egg! She gave Lauryn the one that wasn't the Golden egg without me prompting or asking her to and it made me so proud of her it was so thoughtful. So Kaleigh got $25 dollars in presidential dollar coins, very cool, and Lauryn got a giant Chocolate bunny YIKES!! It was a good time though so I will take the chocolate punishment. Then it was off to my grandmas house for dinner and yet another egg hunt and goodies. We sat outside and the girls played with their new softball mitts that the bunny dropped at my parents house it was gorgeous out so beautiful! Then our last stop before going home over to Shane's grandmas house to see her and rake her yard Shane had to do it sometime and I hate that he does it all by himself I love however that he takes care of his grandma she is older and stubborn but I love the smile on her face when she sees her great grand girls and the love that she shows them. So sweet definitely glad that they get to have time with their great grandparents.
Now we are home and after unpacking what I am sure is enough candy to feed a village I can think of nothing else then when do I get to put these two monsters I mean girls to bed and go to bed myself :)
Love my family and this wonderful day I got to spend with them!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Random Thoughts

Just some Random Thoughts for this Friday morning.

1. I took my girls to school on Tuesday normally not my day but Shane had to work early. I wish I had said no I couldn't take them. We get to school and normally I walk them across the crosswalk and give them a kiss and hug, well they decided different and asked if they could walk across the crosswalk by themselves. I couldn't tell them no as I definately want my girls to be able to stand on their own two feet but I had tears in my eyes as I drove away. Why do they have to grow up so fast? They did give me kisses in the car before they left but I felt so lost while driving away like I had forgotten something. :(

2. Easter is this Sunday so the girls have been bringing home little arts and crafts some they have done at school and some at my mom's house after school. Lauryn brought Shane and I home a card on Monday that was so sweet telling us she loves us and that Easter is about spending time with her family. Yes I won't lie I had a swelling heart with pride at my daughter for her wisdom. I also had to laugh because I had gotten the girls stuff for their Easter baskets but Monday after work I had to make a stop at Target so I could get their baskets I almost forgot them :)

Well it is goign to be a great weekend they are predicting 60 on Sunday, if you know anything about Montana you know that that is slightly unheard of I remember times running around in my Easter dress with my snow boots on :) So here is wishing you and your families a Happy Easter, and as Lauryn says I hope you get to spend lots of time with your family and friends and make lots of new memories!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend, Part 2!!

I will cherish this picture forever so sweet Daddy talking to his little racers!

Here comes Kaleigh, in front :)

And Lauryn she wrecked towards the end but she finished 6th :)

My Girls, Lauryn with her Finisher Medal and Kaleigh with her 4th place trophy

Shane on the starting line he is wearing the yellow jersey on the right of the 1 number plate

So part two of my post is Sunday!! Shane raced Sunday in the Open A class. Sunday started out kind of slow, getting beds remade into couches and tables and starting breakfast. Then my husband comes in the camper to say that he got asked to volunteer to watch the course for the morning races (I will mention this is a very important thing to do in case someone crashes there is someone there to warn the riders behind him and to get the injured off the course), I admire him for doing this almost all weekend if he wasn't racing he was volunteering. I thought maybe he had lost his mind as he still had a couple of things to do to his bike and of course there is the wearing down of the tire that is new on his bike. But nope he was not kidding so I rushed making him some breakfast and off he went leaving me in the camper bored out of my mind. Normally during these times I would go for a hike as Enduro races are in the mountains and the locations are normally very beautiful, but Pipestone this weekend was WINDY and cold. The weather would have been t-shirt like if there would have been no wind but with wind it was winter hat and parka weather. So I sat in the camper and did a word search and watched my crazy girls play with the neighbor kids.  When Shane got back it was the mad dash to make sure his bike was ready and get his gas can and such along with a chair for me to the pit area so I could help change goggles and fill up on gas if needed. He rode 2 1/2 hours and completed roughly 60 miles, I am exhausted thinking about it :) But he came out of it uninjured, and the bike in one piece which always makes me happy. There were 24 riders in his class, 17 of them finished and he came in 11th. Not what he was hoping for but a good start to the season. I will post some pictures from the girls race and Shane on the starting line. I love race weekends as it is time with the family without tv and all the other distractions of life. We played some board games and just hung out it was wonderful. Next race in two weeks, Cascade Montana here we come :)

Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend, Part 1

We left town on Friday around 3pm, I will mention we were planning on leaving around noon but isn't that always how it works! No worries we got to Pipestone in plenty of time made dinner got bikes inspected and got camp setup. Went to bed at a pretty descent time and had the alarm set for 7:30am, as the girls race started at 9:30. Didn't need the alarm two little girls were so excited they woke us up at 7am, aren't they adorable!
Anyway on to what you really want to know and that is how did they do at their first enduro race. They did great had lots of fun! They both did 12 laps and Kaleigh got 4th and Lauryn got 6th! I feel I should mention that if Lauryn hadn't crashed that it would have been reversed place wise but that is racing and they both seem happy about their finishes. Kaleigh got this very neat trophy for her 4th place and a finisher award and Lauryn got a finisher award as they only did awards for the top 5, I was a little worried about hurt feelings but the girls didn't say a thing about it and in fact in their ventures around the campsite showing off their awards they made friends with the kids in the camper next to us and have been playing outside ever since hence I am blogging.
So I got myself all worked up for nothing they were fine and in fact it was the cutest thing to watch and it was a very proud moment for this mommy, daddy too he even admitted that he was nervous when they took off. So cute!
Well I will update later on how A
Shane does as he doesn't race until tomorrow and then hopefully I can get some pictures posted on Monday!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beginning of Losing My Sanity

So my first blog post is a confession of sorts.

I must confess I am terrified for this weekend and wish it would never come. My super mom exterior is about to crumble, I want to lock my doors and keep my babies inside this weekend where they are safe. Okay maybe I am exagerrating a little I love my girls they are their daddy's girls for sure, they love adventure and are true adrenaline junkies. However I am the exact opposite I like routine and am not at all a daredevil. So this weekend brings fears and apprehension. My babies are doing their first trail race, yes I said race! They love riding their motorcycles and are very competitive but I want to cry at the thought that they are big enough to race, big enough to do something dangerous, big enough to not need their mom running next to them catching them if they fall. I am terrified they will get hurt and sad that they are growing up so quickly. Where did the last 8 years go? What happened to my premature babies who needed me every minute. I realize they are only 8 and maybe I am being a little over the top here but I feeling very dramatic and very overwhelmed very not in control. Yikes!!

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