Friday, March 29, 2013


So I started participating in this new series last week called Five Minute Friday the link is at the bottom of this post.  But before I get started I have to say how her one word prompts have just fit into my world so far so perfectly. So here we go...


I am feeling broken lately, this post might be too personal too much to whiny to oh poor pitiful me. But I feel broken.  I am not as organized as I have been in the past I am not as on top of my house my kids schedules being a wife anything, I feel behind on everything. The housework I can get over, not being on top of my kids schedules, like missing Lauryn's play at school on Monday really bothers me, I can make excuses and remind myself that no other parents showed up either but that doesn't make me feel any better. Man I need to get my act together.

Then there is the wife issue, lately my husband has been saying I am old and telling me I act old, I have a habit of taking things very personally, and this has gotten me in trouble but him saying this is really hurting my feelings. I know he loves me but sometimes I worry that he is not in love with me that maybe he needs a younger wife one that is more daring, more adventurous, more spontaneous. Oh who the heck knows I just am in a funk lately and having my feelings hurt seems like a good place to lay the blame.

I am broken like so many other people and I want to just admit it and try to fix it. I am not perfect I have no hopes of ever being as that sounds boring, I just want to feel confident in my marriage in my parenting and in life. Lately that seems like a struggle.

Wow for a little honesty and self pity, because I guess in typing this I realize we are all allowed a little self pity, just as long as I am not wallowing in it :)

Funny now I feel like shopping or eating now, but I don't feel as broken. Writing is my release my therapy my down time. Now on to laundry, paperwork, shopping and loving!!

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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Baskets 2013

So Sarah over at Our Journey commented on one of my posts and told me about her Easter Basket Showcase link party.  Well I went over and checked out her post on it and decided Heck Yes I wanted to join.  All I can think about is all the great ideas I will get for next year, you see to date my children still believe in the Easter Bunny oh yes I may have the only 10 years olds that still believe but you can bet I will keep that magic alive as long as possible, because that is what being a kid is all about Magic.

So to start this off I give you my girls Easter Baskets...
The girls pretty much get the same thing in their baskets, momma likes to keep things fair I just mix up the colors because well they are complete polar opposites even though they are twins.  In their baskets this year there is more than I planned I bought some things early and then forgot I bought them, oops.

Here is the rundown list pencils, pencil case, water bottle, bubble gum, playdough, nerds, bubbles, slap watch, word search, NFL trading cards, gummy lifesavers, plastic balloons, and whistle candy.

Oh yeah they will love it now to figure out where I am going to hide them because that is what I do, leave the girls notes in plastic eggs and hide their baskets for them to find somewhere in the house. I can't wait love the magic.

To keep the magic hubby always ends up with a basket too, so without further delay here is his basket. Filled to the brim with junk...Oh yes my hubby loves snacks and so the Easter Bunny definately aims to please.  Jalepeno Bugles, strawberry licorice, nerds, raisenets, bubble tape, gobstoppers, skittles and starburst. Oh my goodness I think I got a sugar high just talking about it.

Well Happy Easter and if you would join the link up or even just check out all the great Easter Baskets these lovely bloggin ladies have put together for their families head on over by clicking here.
Easter Basket Link Party

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

March Cara Box

I joined in the fun of Cara Box hosted by Kaitlyn over at Wifessionals.
I have never done one of these before but they always look like so much fun, I decided to had to join these ladies. I was matched up with Britt over at Blue-ly Blessed to send to and Brooklyn over at This Little Blonde was sending to me.
And the excitement started with our challenge, a box no more than $15 dollars spent and the theme "Things that start with the first letter of the bloggers first name", oh boy let the shopping commence.
To find out what I sent to Britt, visit her blog above. I took my girls shopping with me and told them a little about her and of course they zoomed in on her having boys so I am sure she smiled at some of the things in her box :)
And here is what I got from Brooklyn, This Little Blonde.
In my favorite summer scent (she didn't know this either very cool)
Blue sticky notes
Love sticky notes I use them for everything
Two girls and a cat need I say any more
I have to admit I don't use blush all that much as I have what
we call the Baker Glow but having two daughters well we can
say this hasn't gone to waste
Blue chocolate bar
Yummy who doesn't love chocolate
Baking Cups
Love baking cupcakes and these are mini so they are perfect
Baggage Tag
It says "I'm Kind of a Big Deal" NICE
Racing season is starting in two weeks these babies are already
packed in my camper hate having dirty teeth
Brooklyn thank you so much for your thoughtful gift I love everything in there!!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Fit Mission

So I am starting a new series I won't post on it regularly but more when I feel the need to vent about it or just need some encouragement.

I have been on a mission to get more fit, you know get rid of my muffin top, 10 years later I cannot blame it on my twins. And as much as I would like to I can't blame it all on genetics either, it is me I am a food gorger? Not sure that is entirely the word I am looking for I love food though truly love it, chocolate, pasta, sweet salty, I love food and I have a very hard time not eating it. Even though most of the time I notice I am not hungry.  So my journey started with the fact that if you have seen my hubby he is handsome but also he is in great physical condition. The difference between the two of us he works in construction all day long and I work behind a desk, oh and he has metabolism that is off the charts.  So I go to the gym and I do Jillian Michaels and I was noticing a difference but then it always seems that as soon as I get in a routine, rhythm with working out I get sick, I mean really world could I just stay healthy for a couple of months I mean no colds would be terrific. OK enough moaning and groaning, I realized that I have to watch my eating more if I am going to lose this muffin top. With me it is not about losing weight so much as getting my mid section in some other shape, round isn't bad but I am hoping for more of an oval shape. So I started using the Myfitnesspal app on my phone and now I know why I haven't been losing inches because when you add up all that food I eat it goes over the calories and so on and so forth. Well on these posts I am going to keep myself accountable. I will share my down days, up days and everything in between. So an update...

Workout: Well it is a new week which means I can workout or not workout but I chose to workout, if only I could drag my butt out of bed early in the morning and just get it over with going to bed at 11pm or midnight is not helping my progress in this area, but I have not given up either. I just hit snooze one too many times :) Anyone want to call me around 5:15 and get my lazy butt motivated?

Eating: I am doing much better in this area, still have days I go over the calorie allowance that the program gives me but I am eating much healthier and paying more attention to if I am hungry or not, progress will be made :)

I am going to get there and that Maurices gift card I got for my birthday is going to be used I found the cutest strapless dress I am ordering :) Yeah!!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Thankful Sunday

Thankful for so much. For my sister who is wiser beyond her years.  She keeps me sane some days and keeps me from saying things that will just get me in trouble. The last week has been one of trying patience and sneaky (this is not a bad sneaky by the way it was a good sneaky, love the thought that went into this) family. I have kept my head though and for that I am grateful. My parents did not raise me to take advantage of others they raised me to take care if myself.  Onto our weekend ...

This weekend we had the science circus on Saturday it was fun as always. That event makes me wish my kids would be going to Helena High. Their science program is fantastic. Sunday I spent time over at my grandparents house talking to my grandma out was time well spent as I have said on the past. And while I was visiting the girls and Shane were out working on the track and doing a little riding. Lauryn had a little wreck and got pretty banged up nothing broke thank goodness and it was going to happen sooner or later as she was getting to the point she was forgetting the power of these bike.

Love my family, love my life.

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Friday, March 22, 2013


Remember when you were little and your family all seemed to be normal.

Remember when there was no drama.

Remember when everyone got along.

Remember thinking man how did I get so lucky that I have the normal family no skeltons in the closet here.

Remember, keep remembering because as you grow older stuff comes out people's true colors show.

Remember all those times you spent at your grandparents house, those moments are so precious.

Remember when grandpa would tell stories about sailing with Columbus, remember that well because he told those stories to see your smile.

Remember the smell of that chewing tobacco because it will forever remind you of him.

Remember Grandma always being so concerned that everyone else was taken care of, because some day she might need a little help and that is ok. That really is ok, because those memories those moments are what you will share with your own kids so that they can remember too.

Remember your family even if there are skeltons in your closet because they are who made you who you are today, they inspired you to be better whether they meant to or not.

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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Thankful Sunday

It has been a crazy busy weekend, but it all was spent with family so it was wonderful.  

Friday Shane's cousin from Great Falls came to town he installed my auto start in my car and then we had dinner and we hung out until 4am. I would like it noted I am too old to be staying up that late Holy Cow I am tired. Saturday we had a birthday party in the afternoon and the girls had sleepovers to attend. And since we were kidless we went out with Shane's little bro Vegas bowling.  We had a great time and came home and crashed watching the Supercross that had recorded earlier in the day. Today I met my little sister and aunt over at my grandparents house.  Easter is coming and we thought Grandma would like some help getting her house ready.  A few hours later and the kitchen was sparkling and we got in some great time hanging out with my grandparents. Definitely going over there more it was a reminder that they won't be around forever and every minute with them is a memory I will not forget. You can buy all kinds of junk some of it useful some not but no matter what you buy it will be garbage some day, however time spent with a loved one will always and forever be a memory.
A great day was had by my hubby and K and L today too. As they got daddy daughter time.  K & L both said the best part of today was spending time with daddy.  Oh the memories my girls will have of time well spent.

Have a great new week and hopefully you will make some great memories!!

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Friday, March 15, 2013


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Thursday, March 14, 2013


Was reading people magazine and this quote by Jillian Michael's is good.

"As long as I am winning more than I am losing, I am still winning"

I love it she isn't complaining about being a parent in fact she always days how blessed she is she just isn't afraid to admit that it is harder than she thought it would be to do it all. Thanks for the honesty!

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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Grateful Sunday

I haven't done a random blog post in so long that I am having trouble getting started. The title should say it all and I have seen some linkups for this idea but I am going to go on my own for this and not link up to anyone. I love linking up don't get me wrong but feel the need to do this for myself. So here goes...

This past week had been a busy and almost boring at the same time. But while saying that I giggle at myself a little because life with twins and a hubby and the words slow just seem to clash.  So L had her first volleyball practice this week, this is a first for this mama one kid doing a sport and the other not participating very strange. But they are still two different people even though they share the same genes and birthday.  So that was Monday and went very well I think she has the same coach that the girls had last season so that made it nice for me. I went and worked out which I usually do during practice to give them a little freedom and also to multi task it is my theme most days.  Then the rest of the week chugged along as usual. Friday came upon us and hubby and I were off to the Ducks Unlimited Banquet we weren't going to attend this year but my dad asked us to go so of course we did. It was fun the dinner was nothing to rave about I could have cooked it at home but the last drawing of the night and Shane won a gun so that was very exciting. My dad bought my sister some prints she was eyeing and I think surprised the heck right out of her, he got me a goose decoy very neat and heavy I love it, and as my mom stayed home sick he got her a birdhouse. She loved it.  Saturday was busy with a wedding reception to go to. Congrats Sean and Jen it was a fun time had by all and you two make a great couple.  Sunday was a little more relaxed, floors to vacuum, laundry to do and a still sick hubby. He caught a bug and just can't seem to shake it I feel terrible for him he hardly ever gets sick and normally a cold will not keep him down but I am not so sure he didn't end up with a touch of the flu, with body aches and just plain being drained of energy. Hopefully he gets mended up soon as summer is fast approaching us and I know there is dirt bike riding and racing in the future. 
I hope all of you had a fabulous last week to and can find simple things in the all the crazy to be grateful for. I know I sure can they are named, K, L and Hubby! Never a dull moment just the way I like it.

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