Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Goldfish Funeral

So it happened what I thought would happen years ago. You see our journey as fish owners started at the Helmbrecht wedding, Shawn was being his new husband no kid nice self and told all the kids they could take the goldfish home that were in the bowls as centerpieces. Knowing well enough that they wouldn't live long Shane and I decided that we would let the wedding fish free and buy the girls a couple of fish and a tank. Let's just say I really didn't think the Walmart fish would live as long as they did. Tonight however one passed away, Shane scooped it out with a kitchen ladle and did a very nice trumpet funeral song. And with one quick flush the fish was off to fishy heaven. Now I won't lie I was a little sad that we lost a fish however the girls don't seem very upset about this at all and Shane and his funny trumpet noise along with his march to the bathroom had us all giggling. Thank goodness for a hubby and daddy that can save the moment and turn the sad memory into a funny one. I am sure the girls are going to remember the song and march more than the fish passing away. Goodbye Sarah or Goldie whoever it is that swam to fishy heaven as the girls could never tell them apart. Off to Walmart I go tomorrow to buy a new friend for our remaining fish as the girls and Shane are sure the remaining fish will die without a friend.  

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deck of Cards Workout

So I am actually stealing this from Bob Harper. Watching this week's Biggest Loser he used a deck of cards for last chance workout. As I was watching a lightbulb went off this is a great travel workout.

Here is what you need...
1 deck of cards
Will to try, push, succeed.

So take out the Jokers, now face cards are worth 10 and aces are worth 11. You assign burpees to one suit, squats to another suit, thrusters (chair lifts) to another, and pushups to the last suit. Now shuffle the deck and get started. No stopping just flip over the first card and get moving. Example is 10 of spades so if you assigned spades pushups, you do 10 pushups. Keep going until the last card.
Enjoy I can't wait to try this.

Feisty Mama
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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

A Great Weekend

So this last weekend we headed to Judith River Guard Station, a forest service cabin, to spend a night with family and get away. It is a drive don't get me wrong but it was well worth the no cell service and no electricity. We hung out played some games and enjoyed great company.  With the holidays and garage building we have been in full swing for months and needed the decompression time.
Jeff was kind enough to tow the girls around behind the four wheeler which they loved!

And we did our group photo, not a bad looking group!! Love them!

Sunday we headed back home and one of my friends who lives out of town stopped by, big deal haven't seen her in forever and we have been friends since elementary school. She was in town for her grandpa's funeral so not the best circumstances but I was glad she and her sister stopped by for a couple of hours of chat time it was great and I needed the laughs. Then Sunday night we had some more friends over to watch the opening of the Supercross season which we taped Saturday night so we could skip all the commercials. It was so nice to get to hang out Phil and Cassie brought pizza and salad and we just chilled. What a great weekend!!!

Ornament Swap #2

OK so if you know me very well I love Christmas ornaments, I have some from my grandma and I wish I would have asked about one from Shane's grandma. But alas I did not, darn it. I love ornaments that have a history or a memory, nothing flashy nothing wild but something that makes one remember. Well my secret Santa read my mind and I got this great elf.
Love him!
Not only did she get me this elf she made him!!!!! Can you believe it, I love him my grandmothers sister used to knit and make dolls and all kind of things so this brought back so many great memories. I absolutely can't get enough of him and packing him away for a whole year was really hard, his hat is even bendable. Oh yes definitely a memory maker for sure.
To top it off our swap was ornaments and something sweet and she outdid herself again by making me Hot Chocolate mix.
YUMMY, it is so good oh my gosh I can't explain it but it tastes like Hershey's syrup hot. Delish!!
Thank you so much to my swap partner Katie over at Polka Dots & Sunshine, to see what I got her check out her blog.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Do You Believe? I Do

I participated in a Secret Santa Swap over at  Messy Dirty Hair and my secret Santa ROCKED! Seriously people doing swaps like this puts you in the spirit because there is so much thought that goes into preparing a box for someone that doesn't know you and all you have is information you have gathered stalked off their blog.

So I still haven't figured out who my Secret Santa is and she probably thinks I forgot or didn't like my gift but she is very wrong I remembered just needed a blogland break and I LOVED my box. Here is what she included.

She stalked my blog to find out one of my favorite things to do with my girls that is girly is our fingernails I will share pictures later but we did our fingernails and they are sparkling and beautiful. The hot chocolate is delicious and the marshmallows actually went to use in chocolate rice crispy treats. OH YUMMY!!
My secret Santa was the best for sure her thoughtfulness from every part of my gift down to the way she wrapped it made me feel truly blessed. Thank you!! And if you read this please comment so that I know who you are.
Belated Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

12 Days of Christmas - Hubby Style

So I have done 14 Days of Valentines, 16 Days of Shane, and now 12 Days of Christmas. My hubby loves these little surprises every day and it defiantly benefits our marriage I think because shows him how much I love him and that I am thinking about him especially during the crazy holiday season.

So the 12 Days of Christmas - Hubby Style went something like this.

One plaid ribbon tacked up with 12 envelopes hanging


Here is what was in those envelopes, sorry in pictures of the contents just more reading. :)

Day 1 - One Nerf gun, and a note letting him know that when he got home he was under attack.

Day 2 - Two work gloves

Day 3 - Three chocolates

Day 4 - Four fruit roll ups

Day 5 - Five gumballs

Day 6 - Six packs of Pez and a dispenser

Day 7 - Seven Hershey Kisses

Day 8 - Eight Lollipops

Day 9 - Nine songs on CD

Day 10 - Ten dark chocolate covered cherries

Day 11 - Eleven back rub coupons

Day 12 - Twelve homemade mixed chip cookies

To say he loved it would be an understatement and even though it made his stocking a little lighter because I didn't want to overload him on goodies he said he loved the 12 Days of Christmas - Hubby Style but he loved me even more. Oh yes he is a keeper, sorry ladies!!

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas 2012

Ho Ho Ho   Merry Christmas

Our Tree = Beautiful
OK so I am a little late but if I put this off any longer I might be a whole month late and I am pretty sure that would be bad etiquette!

The Feisty Family had a fabulous Christmas a little more stressful it seemed than past years and for some reason this year I was having a hard time getting in the spirit but we made it.

Christmas Eve was spent at the hubby's mom's house, dinner or prime rib and family chat time it was nice, although next year we are going for no cell phones :) I have a bunch of pictures however a lot of them have people using their cell phones in them, darn it.

Anyway it was a great time here are some pictures to prove it...
Rare self portrait with hubby - Man I love him

Girls made out with new Bobcats and Griz pjs, and tea cups

4 Generations
Next day was Santa at our house...
Santa brought bean bag chairs

Mom and Dad got them cameras

Hubby and Girls got me my Christmas flowers I love this tradition
 then over my parents...
Yes they are spoiled

Gangster style

How can you not LOVE that smile!
 up to my Aunt's...
Playing ranch with Uncle Shane (yes he wore the tank top all day)
 and over to Auntie Dawn's!
Papa and Nana love
Definitely a day full of fun and a change of location normally we go to Shane's dad's house but this year Dawn was hosting it was a fun change and relaxing it was nice, very nice.

Anyway I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying my belated posts.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Advent Days 16-24

Oh yeah I got off the blog bandwagon there for awhile. Sorry my followers, I feel bad that I didn't keep up my posts on the girls' advent calendars. To be truly honest though I am very thankful Christmas is past us, this year it was more stressful than it should have been. Next year I am going back to the basics.
But the girls' calendars were very cool this year, Kaleigh learned about Star Wars and maybe even a little bit more about herself. And Lauryn learned to love herself a little more and that maybe her her sister isn't all that bad. They seem to keep a pretty good eye on each other more about that in a couple of posts.
However my picture posting of the advent calendars did end with Day 15, as my phone crashed and I lost the pictures I had taken. As for the Lego people, creatures and objects they are stored safely in the Lego box. I will tell you Lauryn got a Christmas Tree and she thought that was pretty cool and a wig table it had a couple of different wigs for her Lego girls and Kaleigh got Santa Darth Vader I believe he is called she did not think he was that cool he was scary looking. Kaleigh is my little girl with very big fears about scary looking things and the dark so I understood this. However she put him together and just turned his face around :) It was very cute and I was definitely grinning knowing something as simple as turning his head made her feel better.

A great big huge THANK YOU to Aunt BJ, Uncle Al, Cousin Ellen and Cousin Brandee. The girls are thinking that they need Chocolate Lego calendars for next year. I will break it to them that those don't exist when it gets closer to the end of 2013 for now who knows maybe someone will invent one.
Thanks again and we hope you guys had a very Merry Christmas!

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