Sunday, May 4, 2014


Joining Lisa-Jo for Five Minute Friday. I can't believe I missed last weeks, but so glad I get to join this week even though I am a little late.

So ready, steady, START

Mess, oh what a mess I have made of some of my relationships in the last couple of years.  I am strong willed, opinionated, caring, thoughtful, and loving.  Mix that altogether with my mommy bear, and man oh man I get out of control sometimes always for what I see as the better ending I assure you.  However in the last couple of years, certain situations have led me to let my emotions do the talking.  So after careful consideration I am going to remind myself daily that I am in control of my current situation and the people in it, and I am not playing into anybody's drama. The messes I have created are slowly being repaired on my terms, and those relationships will not resemble the old ones.  But if I hurt anyones feelings in the last year please don't hesitate to tell me I am open to listening and am definitely sorry, I never mean to hurt anyone with my emotions just sometimes they get the best of me. That just means I am human, everyone has a mess somewhere in their life whether they want to admit it or not we are not perfect but we are strive to be imperfectly perfect. 

My mess is my mess and your mess is your mess and we all get along because we accept all the mess.


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  1. Visiting from FMF. I think the main thing is not that we make a mess, but what we do with the mess when we realise. Some messes can be ignored, others need clearing up and it sounds like you are doing that. Go for it.


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