Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Lesson Learned

Lesson learned, Monday this week I made enchiladas they were just about done in the oven when I remembered we needed milk. I asked L to take them out when the timer went off. Less than 10 minutes later I pull into the driveway and K comes running out saying the pan blew up. Confused and worried I go into the house to find what looks like the remnants of dinner all over the stove top and glass shrapnel all over the kitchen. The worst part was finding L in hysterics crying thinking she was going to get in trouble because she was supposed to be watching dinner. After I calm her down and check to make sure she truly is ok. We did a cleanup and had tortellini and French bread instead.  Lesson learned even though my daughter's both know the basics of kitchen safety we are all l more aware of putting things that come out of the oven on a hot pad on the counter and not on the stove top.  This could have been much worse as L was sitting with her back to the stove when the glass casserole dish literally blew up. What happened was I had browned burger on the stove top for enchiladas I was so busy trying to get dinner ready I failed to turn off the burner. L pulled the enchiladas out of the oven and placed them directly on the burner. The glass heated and blew. I cried that night thinking about the injuries that could have happened. I am always so careful in the kitchen but my lack to detail could have seriously injured my kids. 
Thank God we are all ok. 

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