Saturday, March 28, 2015

Being Me

Today was a rough one, rumors were spread and hurtful things were said about me. You didn't think I could hear you but I could, I have creepy good hearing. Shame on you, and bravo for me because I was the better person until now. Please to all that heard those things remember if something is said about someone and they aren't there, they are whispered, or you are asked not to repeat it, or is probably not true and all it does is show the person(s) saying those things true colors. Give it time they will whisper about you too or maybe they already have. 

I am me I care about everyone sometimes too much because I get hurt easily. I am honest sometimes to a fault, ask my mom sometimes my mouth gets me in trouble. I have an amazing family my mom and dad are  the best they don't get better than that and my sister although a pain in the butt sometimes had my back no matter what even if she thinks I am wrong she would stand behind me because family comes first. My husband is by my side and he isn't going anywhere we are in this together and thankfully he doesn't do drama which is why people are mean to me when he isn't around. And my girls are mine they are a great mix of hubby and I they are independent thinkers, so compassionate, and yet they let things roll right off their backs because at the end of the day they know if someone has a problem with them it is that person's problem not their problem. 

I can learn a lot from my girls but so could those who were talking about me today. Really what bothers me the most is that some people I truly care about believed those things and that those things changed their opinion of me. Ouch, I am not perfect however my lips have remained sealed and I will continue to be the bigger person. Just know I heard and it hurt so I guess you accomplished what you wanted cheers to you.

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