Monday, August 1, 2011

Summer Fun

So my post originally started off with the fact that my pictures were in no order but then my OCD got the best of me and I rearranged them J  Now onto the blogging…
Thursday, I took the afternoon off and decided to take the girls to the Broadwater Waterslide, yes Helena has a water park that is really fabulous but I was looking for free fun and we have a membership at the Broadwater so take advantage of free I most definitely did.  I went and picked up the girls and my nephew Auston, my mom prayed for me and wished me luck. Isn’t she funny, although taking three kids near water by myself did sound a little interesting it definitely wasn’t the wildest thing I had ever done.  So at the Broadwater I get Auston in his life jacket because yes I am crazy but not stupid (he is 3 and is definitely not ready to swim on his own, which is fine by me because water and little kids terrifies me).  And the adventure began, they went up the gazillion stairs at least 12 times, probably way more, I didn’t count and then we had to walk over to the regular pool because we needed some dive time and the diving board is open, they jumped off that a gazillion times as well and then we headed back to the waterslide to go up and down a million more times. I will admit I never once climbed the waterslide stairs as the girls don’t want me up there and Auston in his 3 year old opinion didn’t need Auntie Brookie helping him out he was a big boy. So I waited at the bottom and watched the fun.  I don’t know if I should admit it or not but taking 3 kids to the waterslide was almost relaxing, yes I said that but it is true they were pretty well behaved and were having so much fun being independent that besides a couple of times where they wanted me to watch them and me telling them to walk it was so much fun.  Both the girls took turns going with Auston down the waterslide and he went a bunch of times all by himself but coincidentally I only got pictures of Lauryn coming out with him not sure how that happened but oh well.  We spent 4 hours at the waterslide and we weren’t even out of the parking lot when Little Man was sound asleep snoring in the back seat. So cute.

Auston & Lauryn

Onto the rest of the fun. This week was the fair and my hubby was MIA.  Not on purpose but he had a siding job out of town so I did a Feisty Family first and I took the girls to the fair and carnival without him, boo hiss!  I can honestly say this is something I hope to never do again and I think the girls would agree with me.  It was weird being a family of three and not a family of four, however we weren’t alone. My parents went with us Thursday night to see all the 4H animals and have dinner which is always a good time. And the girls got to hold some bunnies which I again thank the 3 girls who so graciously allowed them to handle their furry creatures, they both enjoyed it but Kaleigh is very texture orientated and she was in heaven holding the soft creatures, our poor cat got a talking to about how he needs to be softer like a bunny it was very cute. 
Sunday we were hoping Shane would be back in time for us to go with him to the carnival but he didn’t make it so we headed there with my parents.  Lunch was first because we were going to starve to death that is my parents and I, because the girls just wanted shaved ice, which I decided in the 90 degree heat was just fine.  So after that it was rides, I now realize my girls are bigger and they can ride a lot more stuff a gazillion times so next year we will be purchasing wrist bands but we had limited funds this time around and I was determined not to have to mortgage a small country to go to the fair, yikes that place is expensive.  They know that we do rides first and then games, because mommy and daddy don’t like hauling around all their loot for hours in the heat.  So they rode a handful of rides, and for the first time got on the Ferris Wheel, they did this with my mom and it was so cute, I am glad they now have that memory with my mom it is a good one for sure.  Then we did games, they won a couple of stuffed animals and a blow up sword and a ball and it was homeward bound we went because this momma refused to go to the ATM for anymore cash.  I know I am mean but they also had a surprise waiting in the car my mom bought they bubble blowers from the carnival and so we got home and the rest of the night was spent having a bubble war and bouncing one very large spiky ball.  And there is no mortgage payment because they didn’t mind leaving, and to really make me puff out my chest when we got home they thanked me for taking them.  I love my girls so much and a big thank you to my parents for joining us. 
Lauryn & Chili

Kaleigh and the baby bunny

Lauryn on Super Slide

Kalegh on Super Slide

Maka and the girls (she wasn' really scared just dramatic)

They had a great time

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