Monday, February 27, 2012

Give me a "G"

For GARAGE of course :)

Oh yes the process has started we are finally building a garage, actually I should clarify my husband, his dad my dad, and some of our friends are building our garage. I really haven't done much of anything but make runs for drinks, and babysit dogs. Yeah I know you are all jealous this construction boss gig is pretty sweet :)

I am so excited to have a garage. I have auto start on my car so really my excitement comes from the fact that my girls will have their own rooms.  They have been co-occupying the same room for 9 years and the time has come for my sanity and their individual minds that they get their own rooms.  Kaleigh will be taking over the spare room she already has it redone in her mind, maroon and silver walls for her beloved Griz.  Lauryn wants to redo her room too although she keeps picking out this pepto bismal pink that is really quite literally gagging me.  I think she just wants to do it more because her sister is getting to, whatever reason it will definately be an adventure seperating the bunkbeds, dividing out toys, seperating clothing. But for some reason I just can't wait I love organizing and cleaning my house and this will be the ultimate.  Spreading the stuff that is jammed into one bedroom out into two. Oh and then finding space in my house for the stuff that is not relocating to the garage like our gun cabinet, vacuum, and of course my scrapbooking materials. Yes this is one big project but I just can't wait it will be like the ultimate spring cleaning marathon.

However I getting a little ahead of myself because currently this is what our garage looks like...

now aren't the foundation and laying down walls beautiful :)

This coming Saturday I will continue the cheer because we are raising the walls and I am so excited. It is like Christmas morning but for big kids :)

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