Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Date Night

So I have to blog about this because I want to make sure I keep this in my memory FOREVER!  Saturday was date night and this is a big deal because we don't do it very often and my husband planned it. The whole thing was his idea. Oh yes very nice. We got a babysitter, Thank you Auntie Sharon for coming over, bringing popcorn, and glow sand and hanging out with our monsters until the wee morning hours.

Dinner was first on the agenda and we went to the Silver Star, nope we didn't hit the lottery jackpot, Shane received a gift from a client as a thank you. 

My husband's tireless work ethic and dedication to detail does not go unnoticed, and we appreciate all of his clients for their kind words, and continued business whether in future jobs or referals of new clients.

Ok on to our amazing dinner, steak, shrimp and a baked potato for him and stuffed halibut for me. Oh my gosh it makes my mouth water just thinking about it, it was so delicious.  And the company wasn't half bad either ;) 

After dinner we were off to Vegas Bowl, and much fun was had there also, we invited friends and family and hung out and had a few beers and Shane won some money, the man can bowl.  :)  So thank you to my wonderful hubby for planning a date night that didn't break the bank and made me feel so extra special, because in the craziness that is his work day he thought of me and planned a fun night out that is definately a cherished memory.

Love Him


  1. Some of my favorite Feist men have wonderful romantic tendencies! Glad you had such a special time!

  2. Definitely a KEEPER!! L&P


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