Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines & Birthday Wishes

Valentines Day is definitely one of my favorites, not because of the gifts, but because it is the one day everyone remembers to shower others with love. In my marriage I have been making it a point to celebrate our love all the time but this day always gets me. This year Valentines day was celebrated for 14 days. I took on the 14 Days of Valentines Challenge, it wasn't really a challenge it was an idea that I got from a fellow blogger and it was so much fun.  I wasn't sure how my hubby would react but he loved it and looked forward to his surprises. I did change some of them days up a little and made them more personal but that was half the fun.  I encourage all my blog followers and fellow bloggers to try it, for a wonderful surprise for your loved one.
Onto my Valentines Day, it was pretty normal, Shane and I gave the girls their felt bags with Vday surprises in them. They have had these bags since they were 2 or 3 and every year we put fun little stuff in them not a lot but just something to let them know they have Valentines :) This year they each got a little stuffed animal, a balloon from the dollar store, and some gum. They loved it all and even took their animals in their backpacks to show to their friends, now that makes me smile as I know sooner or later they won't think it is cool mom and dad got them Valentines!
I got off work early and went to the girls' Valentines Parties at school, it was so much fun watching all those kids go thru their bags and reading their cards. Then it was homeward bound so I could make my Valentine an apple pie and get dinner started. Nothing fancy pork chops coated in a herb and bacon coating, baked potatoes and a salad. But man it was good and we had company. Shane's little brother Wes was in town for a conference and we invited him over for dinner.  It was great catching up with him and letting the girls spend more time with him as they really do love their Uncle Wes and sharing all their stickyness with him. :)
My husband got me some beautiful flowers I LOVE HIM, and I got him a tub of candy.  If you know my hubby like I do this is the perfect gift. It was one of the best Valentine Day's ever for sure.
It was also a little extra special because my niece turned 1 year old. Oh yes she is a holiday baby like her Auntie, we are special and we know it :) We didn't have her party until Saturday so that everyone could celebrate Vday with their loved ones but she got to have her first cupcake on Valentines Day and the pictures that my sister sent me were priceless. Love her for sure!!

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