Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Give me an "R"

Oh my gosh we are getting so close!

Another weekend has gone by, but there was so much done on our garage this weekend, actually just on Saturday, that it was quick but very productive.  Thank you to our family and friends that have come out and helped out with our project, your help has kept us sane and is more appreciated than you will ever know.  So onto the garage, ta da, we have a roof people I mean we have roofing materials on our roof, brown metal that is beautiful and shiny.  And we have one wall of metal siding on too!!  It looks fabulous and now that we are dried in we are going to start on the grand task of trenching power and wiring.  It is taking longer than a normal job but that is because we only have nights and weekends and I can’t blame my husband for wanting to take a day off every now and then when you are a contractor all day and then a contractor all night and weekends it gets a little exhausting. 

Front View

Backside Metal

Saturday night while Shane was framing in the attic access for the garage his ever loyal and faithful companion was keeping guard for intruders J Isn’t she the cutest thing ever and I mean faithful almost to a fault, she follows him everywhere when he is home.  If he walks to the kitchen she walks to the kitchen, he takes a shower in the morning she stands guard outside the bathroom door, if he is outside she is outside or going crazy in the house until someone lets her outside. She is his girlfriend as I call her because the song “love me like my dog does” is all about her J So Funny!

She is ferocious I swear :)

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