Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 20 - Difficult Time

A difficult time in my life was watching my grandma suffer from Alzheimer's. She was an amazing woman, strong and determined in all she did. She was in the Army and raised three kids. She was stern but kind.  And when she loved you it was with her whole heart no matter how you treated her.  Watching her slowly die was the worst thing in the world, I remember when I was younger going to her house and bird watching she loved birds and poetry and she shared those loves with my mom and then with me. She had such a sweet soul. My girls never got to know her and she never got to know them as they were two when she passed away and her memory had been robbed long before that. I know she is watching over them from Heaven and it shows in little things especially watching my girls sit and stay silent while watching birds.
Love you Grandma

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