Friday, June 29, 2012

5 Minute Friday - Dance

Have you heard of 5 Minute Friday? Neither had I until I was looking through my blog following and a fellow blogger mentioned it. Now I have been having a writers block of sorts lately so this sounds perfect. She gives you the topic and you write without editing or overanalyzing for 5 minutes straight. Well let's give this a try...

Five Minute Friday

Topic: DANCE

Wow dance, not sure how I really feel about this topic I love to dance around my living room while cleaning, cooking or whatever else I might be doing in the privacy of my own home. However don't get me out in public because I am definately not as carefree, I worry I will make a fool of myself which I am sure my husband would say is true!  The last dance I remember loving doing was dancing with my husband almost 3 years ago at our wedding reception. Our reception was not formal it was fun and relaxed just the way we wanted it there was no formal cake cutting, son-mother dance, daugther-father dance, garter toss or anythign else like that. We spent the time we had hanging out with our friends and family thanking them for joining in our celebration and just having a good time. But I had asked the DJ at some point in time during the night to play our song. You will laugh later but Shane and I picked this song for our song when we first began dating almost 12 years ago, it was the perfect song, now times have changed and my husband has calmed down a little but this song still brings a smile to my face. I love it. So that is my dance info. Hope you enjoyed it and you enjoy our song.


  1. Absolutely one of my favorites! Having a hard time picturing my adopted grandson as a "dirt old man" You and the girls have had a huge influence and just life in general makes us think @ what is most important to us. Thanks for sharing and remember "Life is a dance". L&P

  2. Meant "dirty" old man, but " Dirt" is probably more meaningful now. GO KAWASAKI!


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