Saturday, May 11, 2013

7 Screws & 1 Rod

No that isn't what I have loose although it feels like it these past couple of days. That title refers to the new hardware my hubby is sporting in his leg.

Last Saturday so yes a week ago hubby was in California. He and his business partner went down there for suspension school and on the way home were planning on riding and camping out at tracks. That adventure ended on Saturday as Shane was taking it easy going over a tabletop trying to stay safe he was turned sideways in the air by a gust of wind causing him to land on top of the tabletop and bounce. The first bounce made his foot come off the peg and the second bounce was his foot hitting the ground first. A forty five degree break in one bone along with a crack and a break of the other bone.

He took a trip to the hospital via ambulance in California. Stayed in the hospital until 7 pm and then signed a ton of waivers got a splint cast and took a 20 hour car ride home. A trip rob the doctor and surgery was scheduled for Thursday. He laid at home in pain that entire time because my hubby has a pain tolerance that is off the charts. But surgery Thursday lasted 4 hours along with 3 hours in recovery and he has new hardware.

It has been a stressful week and that is just being honest my house looks like I never clean it and I have a mountain of laundry almost to the top of the washing machine. I need a drink and a nap but even with all of that I am glad he wanted to come home he wanted me to be able to help take care of him he wanted to see his girls so very badly and of course his friends and family. I am so happy he made the decision to come home it has been a bumpy one but the sun is starting to shine we will get to the end soon.

Thanks for all the well wishes, prayers, and thoughts we appreciate them.

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  1. Thank you for the update. Like Shane, I have an extremely high pain tolerance - guess that is why my appendix had already ruptured by the time I went to the doctor on Monday and then I spent 3 weeks in the hospital while they tried to drain all the poison out of me. Love to all of you.


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