Sunday, June 9, 2013

He's a Quitter, Yeah Baby

So you are probably thinking I have gone mad, but I am truly celebrating quitting today.
My hubby has been a non-smoker (quitter) for 1 month as of today and I could not shout out my support, awe, excitement and love for him anymore.  I am always proud of him he has a strong work ethic, he values his family more than anything else, and well he is just plain amazing. However when he broke his leg a month ago it was a blessing in disguise. You see I have always wanted him to quit, I hate the smell of cigarettes, they are a terrible nasty habit and I have always been fearful that our girls will think this gross and nasty habit is OK because their hero, their daddy smoked. Well the Lord knew what he was doing when Shane was caught by a gust of wind and pogo'd on his bike, breaking his leg.  Hubby stopped smoking the day of surgery and hasn't picked up a nasty cigarette since. And he has had the opportunity, friends will come over and smoke around him, it irks me but he powers through it, and he has been to the store and could have bought some and didn't. I can't believe it he has wanted to quit for so long and has never been able to kick the habit completely. Funny how many people will read this and would have never know if not for this post that he smoked trust me I have had some people look at me like I was crazy for saying he smoked but he did. He is officially a quitter in my book and I am so proud of him. Definitely celebrating this victory, although a broken leg and surgery is not how he planned to quit smoking and definitely not the preferred way, everything happens for a reason. Thank the Lord for this blessing in disguise!!


  1. So proud of him! I've given him a lecture (or maybe 2-lol) @ the smoking. I lived with 2nd hand smoke most of my life and my hubby tried for many years to quit. Six years ago in March he lost the battle to a fast-moving, vicious lung cancer. 19 days on chemo in the hospital and he was gone. He tried so hard, but left me, 3 sons, 5 grand-kids, other family members and "hundreds" of friends stunned! Shane came into my life & heart @ 4 years ago-a handsome, loving, gifted craftsman, who adores his wife and twin daughters! This Feisty Family has been a blessing in my life and I thank my "FRIENDS IN HIGH PLACES" for bringing us together-dirt bikes & all! Love & Prayers to this "quitter"!

  2. Congratulations to him! My husband quit dipping two months ago tomorrow! Yay for them! I am so impressed by their will power and determination!


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