Friday, June 7, 2013

May Cara Box

OK so I am majorly late and embarrassed that I haven't blogged about this yet. Yikes to the month of May is all I have to say and good riddance to it being over.

So I have done a couple of these now and I love them, if you need an explanation or are interested in signing up for July check out Kaitlyn at Wifessionals. If you don't want to sign up you have to check her out anyway because her blog is totally cute and I love the name.

Anyway on to the month of May, well I did some shopping for Angela over at The Harrels on Hood and then I didn't package it and mail it because Hubby broke his leg and surgery and yeah we could just say life was winning. However she is super nice and understanding and it went out in the mail today and I am praying she loves it. So definitely go check out her blog for when she posts and links up.

I received my box from Erin over at The Grass Skirt. OK so her blog name is super adorable too and she does an amazing job shopping.  Here is what I got from her region, South Carolina. Love it.

1. Hand soap that smells amazing
2. Veggie dip that has already been devoured
3. Gardening gloves that I desperately needed, for some reason I go through these babies like crazy
4. Strawberry preserves yum on an English muffin
5. A beer coozie, Oh yeah
6. A cookbook that centrals on berries, I can't wait to start baking
7. And a great postcard that is still on the pantry door.
Love Cara Box and all the lovely ladies I meet through it.

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