Friday, June 7, 2013

Fall, Oh Heck I Fell

I have been missing this Friday Link Up so this week I made a point to make sure I took the time to link up with Lisa-Jo over at Lisa-Jo Baker. Her Five Minute Friday is just what the doctor ordered as far as blogging is concerned. So here we go...


OK so I took this to past tense and am going with I FELL, if you haven't been reading my blog my hubby broke his leg beginning of May, while in California (we live in Montana). You can read about that here 7 Screws, 1 Rod . Well I fell off the sanity wagon about a week after surgery, maybe it was two weeks who is counting I have lost all since of time. I am pretty organized, majorly OCD, and may or may not be a control freak. So putting me in a situation where the patient was a little grouchy because he is hyperactive and sitting around for that long with nagging pain and not being able to do much is not his cup of tea, and then me not being able to do anything about it was let's say interesting. So I had a couple of breakdowns I would say three altogether did you know that stress can make your memory worse. Yeah well yikes, I forgot last weekend to put water in the camper and we went took a jaunt to a cross country race. I had like an hour long cry fest over this hubby wasn't upset at all he just went with the flow nobody to blame we both didn't think of it. Thankfully my father-in-law helped us out and hauled some water to our camper. But yikes it was at that moment I realized I can't do it all no matter how much I want to it just isn't possible.
I promise I am back to my sane self, or at least my normal. Thankfully God was just giving me enough stress to bring me closer to him and to keep me on my toes He knew what he was doing the whole time.

If you are struggling with writing take this five minute exercise and then link up your post with Lisa-Jo it is therapeutic.

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