Monday, December 30, 2013

College Entrance Essay

Oh my gosh I did it I took my readiness assessment and I am not sure if I passed, but I am feeling really good about it. Below is the essay I had to write, hopefully they love it!! So excited to be pursuing my passion, what do you think?

“Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” Oprah Winfrey. Describe if you agree or disagree and what this quote means to you.

I would love to see all the different responses to this question, as a blogger I love link-ups when I can read other peoples thoughts and ideas.  In this quote the speaker, Oprah, is saying that luck and opportunity are one in the same and that if one is prepared they just have to get the opportunity and they will be lucky.  I agree with this thought, I am going back to school so that I will have the opportunity to apply for, interview, and obtain my teaching career. I cannot get the opportunity and become lucky enough to be a teacher without being prepared for the field of study that I want to make my career.  So many people say that there are lucky people and there are unlucky people.  If I sit back and look at it though I believe we can all be lucky, just like Oprah says it is all a matter of preparation.
Yes that man might have just won $2,000 dollars playing the keno machine, but how many hours did he put in sitting on that stool and how much money did he spend before he won.  In a funny way I guess you could say he prepared for that win, he was lucky because he had put in the time and money and the opportunity arose for him to be a big winner. Lawyers, doctors, nurses, judges, maybe even presidents, were all prepared when opportunity came knocking, this made them lucky to get their dream jobs.  Look at President Obama, had he ran for office 20 years ago I do not believe he would have been elected, the country was not ready for his ideas and positions.  He prepared himself for that office and with the opportunity came he was ran and won, how lucky is that?
Every one of us has prepared for something in our lives, and been given the opportunity and achieved it whether it was learning to walk, writing a novel, running a marathon, or landing our dream job. There is preparation in everything we do, and we prepare so that when opportunity comes we can achieve our dreams and be lucky!

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