Monday, December 30, 2013

Commenting or Liking Revisited

This is a re-post but I hope it helps!
I have had some inquiries into how you comment on my blog or share it, thanks for giving me the idea for this post all you who were wondering/questioning/asking.
You can comment by clicking on the link below the post. For example it may say No comments once you click on it it the comment box will open. You can type your comment and if you are not a google member you can pick Name/URL or Anonymous for the profile.  If you pick Anonymous please leave your name in the comment section I love to know what you think, even if I might not agree!!  Once you hit post comment you are done.
Same with the comment feature at the bottom of the post there are different options for creating a link to my post so you can share it on your blog.  
I am always open to comments about my blog please remember that these are my original thoughts and are copyrighted as such. Please do not share as your own.
Thanks and I hope this helps those that asked.

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