Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Supermom, Superwife, Superhuman, nah not so much

I used to love this term and maybe even if I am being honest with myself wanted to live up to that dream.  The dream that you can do it all and have it all, but truth be told we are all human and that term Supermom is nothing more than an illusion.  When my girls were little, I could cook dinner, scrapbook, and pay bills all at the same time, or at least I thought I could. However over the years, I have figured one thing out if I appear Superhuman in any way shape or form it is all an illusion.  While I am being creative, multi-tasking, and superhuman I assure you some part of my world is being neglected.

Yes, I consider myself a good mom, not perfect or superhuman by any means. I have walked out of the house many times without giving a kiddo cold medicine she requested before she went off to school. I have packed a lunch that might make McDucks look healthy. And I have yelled over them forgetting a violen or basketball bag at home more than once.

Now I also consider myself to be a good wife, not super though. I can pack him a lunch, make his coffee, and wash clothes all day long. You see I do all this because he loves that stuff, I could buy him a million gifts and he wouldn't appreciate it nearly as much as me packing his lunch every day. He can also infuriate me and make me laugh all in the same 20 minute period.

While I am good at both of these jobs, super I am not. Maybe for periods but while being a supermom I am not a superwife, and visa versa.  I am not and cannot be great at everything all at once. Now that doesn't mean I don't try, but lately I feel like being average is more my style. You get what you see. 

Yes, I make lunches for all of us every morning and coffee.  However I don't make breakfast every morning they are on their own for most mornings in fact toaster struedals and cereal are mainstays in my house, except Sunday's. That day I love getting up and making a good breakfast. That I do for me, I love sitting at the table and enjoying a morning meal with my family. Selfish yes, but sometimes we all do stuff that is more for us than those around us.

You see for all the stuff I do, I get back more than that in love. My husband really does appreciate my lunch packing, coffee making skills. It lets me use my love giving skills and his love accepting skills.

Please don't think I am super at anything, I am just me nothing super about it. And that is ok.

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