Thursday, June 16, 2011

Baby Daddy, Best Friend, Amazing

Wow did I really just say all of that about one person? Yes I did!!
I should start with the notice that everyone always asks me if I get spoiled on my birthday or if it is forgotten. This all being because my birthday happens to fall on Christmas day. Well to be honest I get completely and utterly spoiled!! My husband goes out of his way to make sure that my birthday is celebrated and that I feel special on Christmas Day. He pulls it off every year and every year I think I can’t get any luckier. Well as you might already know Shane’s birthday is today and Sunday is Father’s Day so there have been a couple of times where his birthday has fallen on another special day and I go out of my way to make sure he feels the way he makes me feel.  So the fun began this morning.
The girls woke up in time to wake up their daddy and give him their presents for him. I would like it noted that we spent almost three hours last night shopping because they really weren’t sure what to get him and I wanted them to pick it out I did have to navigate them away from a few things. Kaleigh really wanted to get him like six million things she had four whole outfits (pants, shirts and shoes) picked out and mommy made her pick a shirt and pants as the shoes she wanted were definitely going to be too small although I know he would have loved them in his size.  Then Lauryn just didn’t know what to get him at first and started to think about getting him tools I tried to steer her away a little as he works all day so I told her maybe something more fun.  Well she ended up with a fishing tackle box, some storm matches, and an emergency rain poncho. All very useful gifts J
So you may have noticed I did not list a gift from me well that is because he made me promise to not go overboard for his birthday and Fathers Day and I honestly had no clue what I was going to get him until late last night.  So this morning he got a card from me, a cup of coffee and some breakfast to go.  That should keep him wondering. Tonight he will get breakfast for dinner, and a bag full of candy and Monsters (the energy drink).  Wonder what he will be thinking J
And Fathers Day he will get his present when I decide which one I am getting him J
Yes I hadn’t decided until right now and it took a friend to help me. I usually find a gift for Shane and am so excited about it that I have to give it to him early but this time I have been going back and forth between three gifts.  Hopefully he loves what he gets I will post pictures on Monday J  The thing is it is really hard to pick a gift for someone when I want it to reflect how much he means to me.  Corny sounding maybe but I put that much thought into my gifts to him.  Shane is amazing, yes he drives me crazy sometimes and sometimes I do wonder how we have made it this far, but he takes his job as husband and father very seriously.  He stresses out over money and worries if he misses one of the girls soccer (now softball) games, he wants to be home at night to tuck them in and read a book with them, he loves to go play basketball with them and he loves it even more that they are getting into dirt bike riding and want to spend all their time with him, they want to go to the shop and fix stuff and change air filters and tires and anything daddy is doing is what they want to be doing.  It is the cutest thing in the world sad for me just a little (that is just me being a little selfish) because I know that if they got to choose to hang out with daddy or hang out with mommy they would pick daddy and I am always wishing I would get picked first J I know so elementary, oh well a girl can wish.
But seriously Shane puts so much stress on himself and takes on so much stress he does so much, that his gift from me has to be well perfect. I put so much stress and thought into it I want him to open it and love it, I mean LOVE it.  I want it to reflect how much I appreciate all he does all the stress all the worry and all the work.  Because nobody and I mean nobody could ask, wish or hope for a better father for their kids and a better husband.
Enough with my ramblings if you haven’t picked up on the fact that I am smitten with my hubby well you weren’t reading my blog closely enough. Hope all of you fathers have a wonderful day and get out and enjoy some sunshine with your kids.

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