Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend + Wednesday Nite

Uncle Phil, Daddy, the Girls and the waterfall
they climbed!

Yep I am combining my weekends and days well it all revolves around one thing these days anyway and that is dirt bikes. I believe I have mentioned before how much my children love playing outside as in they don't play video games hardly ever or watch a lot of tv and since we don't have a computer or internet there isn't a lot of that happening either. But they do have a trampoline, a huge swingset/fort that their daddy built them, skateboards, bicycles, a basketball hoop and tons of imagination. My girls literally spend all day outside sometimes including eating breakfast, lunch and dinner outside, it is CRAZY!!
We start with Rain oh I mean Memorial Day Weekend and what would the weekend  be without all four seasons usually within a 24 hour period. It was fun though we went to Radersburg and camped with friends and I got to see my godson's whom I haven't seen in forever.
So we camped made lots of smores and of course rode. It was a great weekend with my family and friends. A girl couldn't ask for much more.

Helmet/Camping Hair

Me and my Girls!!


D - my oldest pseudo nephew


H - my youngest pseudo nephew

Now onto Wednesday Night and the Wednesday night race at the Helena motocross track. Typing this the sick to my stomach feeling I had last night is coming back. I am not sure what happened I have been watching the girls race now they have raced three enduro races they do awesome and they love it. But last night I was so nervous as in sick-to-my-stomach all jittery, and talking up a storm about nothing in particular. I am sure I was quite the site to see. Well the girls did race and they had a blast so much fun. There were four kids in their class and Kaleigh got 2nd both races and Lauryn got 4th both races. They were so cute to watch and I was so proud no crashes either race they kept it on two wheels and were smiling the whole time. I wish I would have thought about it earlier but for all you readers who would have loved to come and watch I promise next time I will give you fair warning I was so nervous this time I forgot my camera and had to turn around half way from the track to go get it.

So here are some pictures of my little racers, may God always use them to remind me that life is what you make of it because last night even though Lauryn was in last place she got off her bike and congratulated her sister and then proceeded to say "I did it I finished Mom and I didn't even crash" it was a heart swelling moment her smiled stretched from ear to ear and she couldn't wait to call her Maka and tell her all about it.

Daddy supervising their very first gate start!
Kaleigh thinking about making a pass

Lauryn enjoying riding

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