Monday, July 25, 2011

Another Birthday Wish!!

If you know my family well you know the girls have many Aunts and Uncles, well last week I wished their direct Aunt and Uncle a Happy Birthday meaning my sister and Shane’s brother. But many of you may not know that Shane also has a step sister (and that will be the last time I say step because it makes me think of the movie Cinderella with the evil step sisters and this one is nothing like that).  Dawn is sweet caring and takes her Aunt duty very seriously. J We love her to death, she has watched the girls while we are out of town overnight, taken them sledding, and is always asking if she can take them here or there it is wonderful.  So here is a big Happy Birthday Wish to one Auntie who although she could easily not claim the girls as her nieces she does all the time and they love her tons for it, heck she even has a picture of them on her desk at work.
Happy Birthday Auntie Dawn from two little girls who think the world of you!!

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