Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Crazy Week/Weekend & Birthday Present Update

So to keep you in suspense a little while longer I will start with the Crazy Week/Weekend, it started Thursday I drove the girls and I to Bozeman to attend a Bridal Shower/Bachelorette party, it was great fun and I got to see some friends that we never get to see.  We stayed the night and the next day Shane had to head back to get bikes ready for the weekend and do a couple of jobs. I stayed and took care of a couple of other things I got home around 4pm and we were supposed to head to Conrad for the races but decided to leave early Saturday morning. A Big Congrats to Sara and Joey, we are sorry we missed the wedding but I am sure it was BEAUTIFUL, and we wish you two all the happiness the world has to offer.

On to racing: Saturday morning 5am, up and getting ready, we left our house at 5:45 and didn’t make it very far when Lauryn decided to prove Mommy right and get car sick. See I had this theory that she only gets car sick when we travel early in the morning, wake her up and put her in the car early in the morning and yes she proved me right thankfully she made it out of the truck to do that but we had to pull over three times and finally after the 3rd time she exhausted herself and fell asleep, I felt so bad for her.  Her sleeping was good though because we got to Conrad with two sleeping kids and stopped at the Subway and grabbed some breakfast then it was off to the track. Talk about CRAZY, we get there and I run over to get the girls number cards, while Shane unloads bikes, and the girls are dressing in the camper that is not unpacked. OH HOLY MESS!!  But then there was a problem with Lauryn’s bike the throttle would start revving when you weren’t touching it just turn the bars and it would go so it took a little for Shane to fix that we missed the riders meeting and then it was a little jog down the hill to the track.  Can I say my girls kick butt, because oh they do! The race lasted 35 minutes and for all but maybe a couple of seconds of that Kaleigh lead the whole race, she got her very first 1st place and not far behind her Lauryn got her very first 3rd place.  I was definitely one very proud momma but the look on my husband’s face reminded me why he is an amazing father he was so happy for his girls he was glowing with pride. 

The girls ready to rock on the line

The first lap they were 1st and 2nd!!

Proof for the scrapbooks!!

Kaleigh doesn't look it but trust me she was one happy little girl.
Kaleigh beat all the boys and Lauryn only lost to one oh yeah those
Feist Twins Rock!!

That lead to Shane doing the relay race with a buddy he used to Motocross with and they took 2nd so all my family got trophies, I am so proud of them. On a side note I will post a picture of Shane's relay partner but they relay was they had to change panties, oh yes huge panties had to be put on over their boots and riding pants and when they came in instead of transferring a baton they had to switch the panties it was hilarious I would have had a picture of Shane except I was helping to hold bikes while they switched so pictures were taken besides one at the beginning of Brett. Thanks Brett for being such a good sport.

Brett sporting the bright pink panties and if you
notice to the right my husband thinks he is out of this picture, Ha Ha

The girls had their first camping sleepover Saturday night and stayed with Flynn and her family.  They had so much fun and it makes me happy to see them making friends at the races. 
On to Sunday, Shane didn’t race until noon so we had slow time in the morning which is always a good thing but then the races came, it was 2 ½ hours of heat and dust, but it was worth it Shane took 5th which was great and got some goodies, also great.  We got on the road a little later and took a little detour through Great Falls to Baskin Robbins for ice cream, YUMMY!! Thank you Hubby!!

Shane getting ready to go sitting on the line I love this picture!

Birthay Present Update:  Monday, last night, was the big night the birthday party.  If you have read my previous posts you know I had a hard time finding my husband the perfect gift this year.  Well he got an iPod! Ok maybe not what you were thinking that I would get him considering I wanted it to show him how much I love him but really there was more too it.  I charged it and loaded it with his favorite songs and pictures of him and the girls, and some pictures from our wedding.  He LOVED it, he was so excited and was still playing with it last night I am sure it will take a little while for him to get used to it as he has an MP3 player but it is not nearly as cool as the iPod I got him of course! Plus now he has pictures of us with him all the time. Yes I am cheesy and I like it that way.
Well there you have it one crazy week/weekend and one very happy and now not nearly as feisty Feist Family!!

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