Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Auntie Heather & Uncle Wes!!

A blog entry to the crazy relatives my girls got J  Love you both!!
My sister just celebrated her birthday and although I wasn’t here we celebrated early so I got to say Happy Birthday early not that she needs me around to wish her a Happy Birthday her own little family I am sure did a fantastic job.  In fact I got to help a little on the secret with her birthday present this year.  I got a text message the weekend before her birthday from my brother-in-law (BIL) asking if I would help him find her the sunglasses she wanted.  Well a couple of phone calls around town proved what I already knew they were going to have to be an online purchase, oh boy the joy.  I will admit I am a girl who likes a bargain so bring the challenge on.  I found them but I couldn’t get them here any earlier than well about 10 days after her birthday.  BUMMER I was really hoping to get them sooner but even though they still haven’t arrived I saved almost $40 bucks on them which I am sure made my BIL very happy.  When they do actually arrive I will make sure to have my little sister model them for a picture so you guys all get the joy of seeing the very special secret purchase yourselves. J
6 days after my sisters’ birthday it is time for Shane’s little brother’s birthday. Oh yes, he is normally very easy to shop for you ask what he wants he can usually give me a couple of ideas and I run with them of course.  Well this year for his birthday I have no great/grand ideas for him but I do happen to know two little girls who have the best fashion sense ever when buying for their Uncle Wes.  Why you may ask, well because he is the only guy in their lives that wears ties, scarves and dress clothes.  They usually go hog wild in that section because you can buy like a dozen ties with their shopping budget they have no concept of quality it is all about quantity!!  So I will make sure to take a picture of the gift box we send to Uncle Wes, even though at the rate I am going I know it will be late it will be a great and grand surprise for him as I still don’t know what will end up in it.
I share these two stories with you because I admit my family and Shane’s family are crazy but my girls got blessed with the best Aunt and Uncle two little girls could ever ask for.
My sister has loved her nieces since they day they were born she always seems to be thinking of them even now when she has two kiddos of her own.  It is amazing because honestly I know for sure they drive her nuts occasionally but she takes it all in stride and it brings a smile to my face.  That smile is partly due to the fact that they drive her crazy of course.  She loves them even with their quirks and sassy attitudes and when they are acting all wild and crazy I know especially in Kaleigh she has to see a little of herself because that girl can drive me crazy just like Heather used to when we were little.  But that is ok because if the girls take anything from my little sister I want it to be her carefree attitude.  I remember growing up wishing I was a little more like my little sister.  She doesn’t care so much what people think of her, she speaks her mind and has always followed her dreams.  If any of that wears off on my kids they will be just fine in this world.
My brother-in-law is that way also. He does not have any kids of his own and doesn’t even live here but the girls have always known that Uncle Wes loves them.  He was the first person to hold them after they were delivered, yes it is true! And he goes out of his way to make sure that he spends time with them when he is in town, he has Uncle/Niece date night of sorts because every time he is in town he takes them to a movie of their choice and they have a blast.  When he isn’t in town he sends them postcards from all the places he visits and it has become their thing to do with Uncle Wes, in fact when they get a postcard from the dentist or eye doctor reminding them of an appt they always want to know if there is another postcard in there from Uncle Wes, they love seeing the places he has been and reading the special notes he writes on the back of each of their postcards.  It is so cute.
So my blog entry this time around is a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and THANK YOU to two very special people, because without the both of you my girls, your nieces wouldn’t be who they are today. You both shape and mold them with every encounter and I love and appreciate you both for everything you do for them!!
Many wishes for many more birthdays’ and many more years of terrific memories!! Love you!!

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