Wednesday, January 25, 2012

36 Years and Counting

No people that isn't my age :)

I am talking about my parents they have been married for 36 years on January 24th, yesterday!

Yes I am proud of them and I am going to brag about them because these days when divorce seems to come out of people's mouths and into their minds so quickly my parents have weathered many storms and are still trudging ahead. They have set an example for my sister and I that marriage is work but it is so worth it. And trust me I try not to take even one day for granted with my husband.

36 years of marriage has blessed them with two daughters, two son-in-laws, 3 granddaughters, 1 grandson and countless memories.  My parents put the work into marriage they go hunting together (no I don't mean my mom goes along for the ride she carries a rifle and hunts with her own tags), they still go to dinner together, they sit down and watch movies together, they go for drives and stop and have lunch.  My sister and I would always roll our eyes and yell GROSS whenever they kissed or hugged, now it puts a smile on our faces because they still kiss whenever they say goodbye, every time my dad leaves for work in the morning and gets home, when my mom leaves to run an errand it is the cutest thing now. They are that couple that is still in love. The example that love can still win and that sometimes you really do meet your lifetime partner in high school. 

Marriage is work but it isn't miserable work it is fun and adventurous and rewarding. The easy path never holds as many memories as the rocky and twisting path, but if marriage was easy maybe more people could brag about their 36 years and counting.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad and here is to many more!! Love you!!


  1. Thanks for sharing Brook! Mine will celebrate 50 this year...still kiss...still stop wherever they are when they hear "their song" and dance (I have seen it in elevators!) What great examples our parents have set for us!

  2. You young women are so blessed to have such great role models! Don't know you Jules, but I suspect you work hard at whatever you do. Brook always amazes me with her "old soul" wisdom and genuine concern for others. I suspect her girls will be writing the same loving comments @ their Mom & Dad someday. Marriage IS work, as anything worth doing is. I always get a smile when I think about Feisty Mama and her Baby Daddy. Blessings to the Bakers-Congratulations & wishes for many more years of celebrations! And, of course, to your parents also. And to TWO very wise young ladies who understand what is important in life. L&P


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