Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Huntress: a woman who hunts game.

Yeah that sounds about right although I like my definition a little more.

Huntress:  a wife who no longer wants to be a hunting widow.

This year marked year two of me hunting, now I have been on hunting trips since I was little as both my parents hunt. However I am pretty sure my dad thought he had drawn the short straw when it came to having daughters who would hunt as both my sister and I just never got that interested.  Not that interested until we both decided that marrying men who hunt would be a good idea :)  So last year I put in for a cow tag and drew it and my hubby took me out hunting, he got me so close to a cow elk that I could have thrown a rock and hit her in the head, but could I shoot her apparently not. I got my gun up and I pulled the trigger but in all my excitement I didn't click my safety off all the way. I don't know who was more disappointed me or my husband, because as most of his friends will attest he is a terrific guide. Well this year I went for round two but I put in for a mule doe tag figuring I needed to take this process a little slower.

Well Shane is a die-hard hunter, like out every weekend hunting, and if he gets a day off that is for hunting then too. I love him and his enthusiasm is contagious, but with that I only got to go out a handful of times and the last day of hunting season was drawing near.  Now I expect me going out hunting to be put a little on the back burner because that meat that my husband brings home feeds our family.  I was raised on wild game and home grown beef and Shane and I have been raising our daughter's the same way. I can count on one hand the number of times I have purchased beef at the store, now I buy chicken at the store and sometimes if I have to I will buy pork, but beef from the grocery store is like a bad word.  Anyway the last day of hunting season comes and that morning my husband and his dad and a friend head off to fill some other deer tags for a different area and I get a call around noon stating do you want to go hunting? Well of course I want to go hunting I want to fill that tag, I want to spend time with my husband, and I want to be a mighty hunter too. :)  So I meet up with them and my father in law takes my girls with him in his truck and we drive out to our destination because at the end of hunting season the deer are not just standing in the middle of an open field no we have to go looking, hunting, for them. But we found some three of them to be exact, and the one I shot was probably not the biggest but she was standing by herself and I didn't have to worry about injuring her, one shot and she dropped.  I was so excited and my husband was even more excited.  I have to admit I had a pretty great teacher, he was patient and calm and when it came down to me killing my first deer he was just as excited if not more excited than I was. YES, I am woman, I mean huntress, hear me roar.

I will post the picture Shane took of me with my deer and our two girls because they got to see it too. Very cool family moment for sure.

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