Friday, July 6, 2012

Dating my Husband

Ok so I have learned something over 12 years together and married for almost 3 years. Dating should not go out with the bouquet toss. Shane and I are not really great about doing date nights but trying still counts. In my qwest to find more ideas for date nights, cheap date nights, at home date nights, etc, I came across the website The Dating Diva's I love this website, from the great printables to all the fabulous ideas.  My goal to be that little old couple that glances at each other in public and it only seems like the two of them. LOVE IT!!  So this post by the Dating Diva's is fabulous. A Few of Our Favorite Things I am hoping I am linking up right so that everyone can go check out their site. Please check it out ladies, and go date your husband.

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  1. Thanks for the inspiration and the blog link. I too want to have that feistiness remain with my hubby well into our twilight years. :)


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