Friday, January 10, 2014


Five Minute Friday, almost like therapy!!

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The word for today: See

Ready, Steady, Write...

See there is life after a rough year, see there is more to this world than money and junk, see there are people who care about others, and see there are some people who are not what you thought they were.  All of these things came to my mind when I saw this word today, the last one is ringing really true.  See some people are going through a mid-life crisis deciding that dressing and acting like they are in their 20's is a good idea, some people believe that if someone loans you something you shouldn't have to repay them if it is money or return any objects, some people are raised to believe they shouldn't have to work for anything and that they should have it all anyway, some people have forgotten the meaning of family, all people are fighting their own battles, and see all people are different.
We are all our own person, how we deal with situations whether it is wrong or right will be judged not by each other but by the Lord. We make our own decisions, what we wear, how our hair is cut/colored, how many kids we have, where we work or if we work, where we live, and even how we pay for items.  Some of us might have a bigger sense of entitlement or maybe the opposite we don't believe we deserve anything but we choose everyday.  See everyone is different, and even though we might not agree with some people we can still choose to see them for who they are, humans.  We are all humans, we see everything differently even twins don't always see eye to eye, but it is how we choose to see that makes the biggest difference.
Not sure this post went where I was thinking it was headed but it isn't edited and I still have a minute but I am stopping.


  1. I love this! Everyone sees differently. :)

  2. 5MF is like therapy, isn't it? Only the best part of it, is that it's free and it's a large group therapy! Thanks for sharing.


  3. I'm loving this. This was my first FMF and I was not prepared for how empowering writing unedited (mostly) was for me, I agree with Patty this is like therapy!!!!


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