Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Cabin Fun 2014

The dawning of another year brings many things, one thing it brings to our family is our annual trip to a Forest Service Cabin, my brother and sister-in-law get my father-in-law a cabin rental for his birthday every year, he loves this gift.  So the first weekend we all gather at whatever location they have determined and we play board games, color, eat, drink and in general just hangout.  Getting away from electronics, no cell phones (because they usually don't work), no laptops or ipads, for the same reason it is wonderful.  I cherish this time with my kids as they grow older they may not want to spend this weekend at the cabin with family or they may ask to bring a friend and the answer will always be no, as this is family time.  A neccesary time in life to reconnect with those that mean the most to you and to be thankful that we get another year to let them know we love them.

This year was no different than the other years, we got up there Friday night got bed situations figured out and played a game, drank a little and went to bed late.  Saturday dawned with more fun, stoking the fire because it was cold outside, the boys went for a drive looking for some coyotes and to just shoot their guns and we girls stayed back, keeping the fire going (I will admit we didn't do half bad but we needed more training than we thought), we colored in the girls new color books with gel pens, put a puzzle together and played some card games. That night we had spaghetti for dinner with salad and it was all delicious, then we played some more games and went to bed a little earlier.  It got really cold that night and this particular cabin doesn't stay very toasty mainly because the woodstove in it is too small for the space but we had a great time. Sunday morning breakfast and the scurry and running of packing up. I am not sure but every time we go Sunday is not relaxation it is hurry and pack mainly I think because we all know we have to go back to the real world on Monday and we have to get our houses in order. But it was another great weekend and the girls had so much fun. It was a memory for our memory jar. (I promise to post a picture of our jar in another post) But for now here is our annual outside the cabin picture complete with coats, hats and maybe some gloves because like I mentioned before baby it was cold outside.

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