Monday, January 6, 2014


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So what do you say writing for 5 minutes uninterrupted without editing and no pre-planning, I say ready steady, set, GO.....

Fight, I think of so many things with this word. Fighting with someone literally, I have seen enough fist fights in my 33 years that one would think that they don't really bother me anymore but seeing a bare fist strike a face is harsh.  It makes me cringe still and almost always makes me gasp, however there are days I wish girls were more like guys in this area.  With youth comes fist fights, in high school for example, when two guys disagreed they would have a good old fashioned fist fight and at the end they would shake hands and it would be over. Like seriously there wasn't any of this let's talk about it for days on end, or I still hate him and want to ruin his life. With girls on the other hand when one girl hates you she wants all of her friends, family and associates to hate you. It is a sign of maturity I have come to realize. With youth comes ridiculousness. Girls are mean, and I didn't say that wrong I meant MEAN! We are always out to better ourselves at the expense of another female, one up each other. It is absolutely ridiculous. We brag about how good we are doing and are always thinking we know more about something than someone else, mainly another girl. I think it is funny that both of my girls prefer to hang out with boys, the reason there isn't drama with boys they tell it how it is and there is no fluff, no ulterior motive, no plan.  Boys are so much easier to understand they are usually fixers which is why they fist fight, it fixes their problem as far as they are concerned whether they won or lost the fight they won or lost the battle and that is that and it is over. No back-talking, no whispers, no lies, it is what it is and that is that.

A fight is a fight and that is all there is to it nothing more nothing less. How simple is that?

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  1. Great thoughts! I agree. There's so much less drama in a fist fight! lol


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