Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Five Minute Friday was missed so I am doing it on Wednesday!!

The word VISIT

Ready, Steady, Scribble....

Visit with a friend, or a family member and keep the lines of communication open.  These days we have email, text, phones, Facebook, and all kinds of other media that enable us to keep in touch but not have to actually visit.  I can hear my grandmother now she used to love it when we would come over for a visit. My mom, sister and I would go over to my grandparents house randomly to just visit. My grandparents loved to know that we were still alive and well, and you can always tell how someone is doing better when they are standing or sitting in front of you. If they are down and need a pick me up you can see it in their eyes, if they are sad or happy you can see it in their eyes. The eyes are the windows to the soul, and you can't see their state unless you visit in person.  So go and visit someone you care about I know I still randomly stop by my paternal grandparents house to visit and as odd as it might sound I randomly stop by my maternal grandparents grave, I straighten it up and chat with them. It relieves stress and is refreshing because I know that they appreciate the visit.


Please tell me what you think about when you hear the word VISIT and if you want link up at Lisa Jo Baker

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  1. Glad it's not just me who had a Five Minute Wednesday!! Thanks for your thoughts - you're right, an in-person visit allows you to see so much more of the person you're visiting than online or by phone.


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