Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Fun

Wow what a weekend! We did some silk tie dyed eggs I will post pictures later right now I am blogging from my phone and posting pics takes forever on here so will have to wait till I am at the regular computer. The eggs look awesome but very wasteful as you can't eat them because there is no telling what chemicals the silk was dyed with and I am not willing to take the chance.
Then today was a full day of adventure. Got up early well I should say the girls got us up early thank goodness that bunny sent the looking for clues as to where their baskets were hidden so that took them a little extra time which gave me a chance to wake up and feel functional it was 7am after all! We had breakfast bacon and waffles yummy and then got ready for the full adventure of the day. Off to my parents house for a little egg hunt then to Shane's dads house to see Nana and Papa and get more Easter goodies. To the VFW Easter Egg Hunt in East Helena always a good time we get to see lots of friends which is always a treat. Kaleigh got two prize eggs and one of them was a Golden egg! She gave Lauryn the one that wasn't the Golden egg without me prompting or asking her to and it made me so proud of her it was so thoughtful. So Kaleigh got $25 dollars in presidential dollar coins, very cool, and Lauryn got a giant Chocolate bunny YIKES!! It was a good time though so I will take the chocolate punishment. Then it was off to my grandmas house for dinner and yet another egg hunt and goodies. We sat outside and the girls played with their new softball mitts that the bunny dropped at my parents house it was gorgeous out so beautiful! Then our last stop before going home over to Shane's grandmas house to see her and rake her yard Shane had to do it sometime and I hate that he does it all by himself I love however that he takes care of his grandma she is older and stubborn but I love the smile on her face when she sees her great grand girls and the love that she shows them. So sweet definitely glad that they get to have time with their great grandparents.
Now we are home and after unpacking what I am sure is enough candy to feed a village I can think of nothing else then when do I get to put these two monsters I mean girls to bed and go to bed myself :)
Love my family and this wonderful day I got to spend with them!

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