Saturday, April 16, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend, Part 1

We left town on Friday around 3pm, I will mention we were planning on leaving around noon but isn't that always how it works! No worries we got to Pipestone in plenty of time made dinner got bikes inspected and got camp setup. Went to bed at a pretty descent time and had the alarm set for 7:30am, as the girls race started at 9:30. Didn't need the alarm two little girls were so excited they woke us up at 7am, aren't they adorable!
Anyway on to what you really want to know and that is how did they do at their first enduro race. They did great had lots of fun! They both did 12 laps and Kaleigh got 4th and Lauryn got 6th! I feel I should mention that if Lauryn hadn't crashed that it would have been reversed place wise but that is racing and they both seem happy about their finishes. Kaleigh got this very neat trophy for her 4th place and a finisher award and Lauryn got a finisher award as they only did awards for the top 5, I was a little worried about hurt feelings but the girls didn't say a thing about it and in fact in their ventures around the campsite showing off their awards they made friends with the kids in the camper next to us and have been playing outside ever since hence I am blogging.
So I got myself all worked up for nothing they were fine and in fact it was the cutest thing to watch and it was a very proud moment for this mommy, daddy too he even admitted that he was nervous when they took off. So cute!
Well I will update later on how A
Shane does as he doesn't race until tomorrow and then hopefully I can get some pictures posted on Monday!

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