Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What a Wonderful Weekend, Part 2!!

I will cherish this picture forever so sweet Daddy talking to his little racers!

Here comes Kaleigh, in front :)

And Lauryn she wrecked towards the end but she finished 6th :)

My Girls, Lauryn with her Finisher Medal and Kaleigh with her 4th place trophy

Shane on the starting line he is wearing the yellow jersey on the right of the 1 number plate

So part two of my post is Sunday!! Shane raced Sunday in the Open A class. Sunday started out kind of slow, getting beds remade into couches and tables and starting breakfast. Then my husband comes in the camper to say that he got asked to volunteer to watch the course for the morning races (I will mention this is a very important thing to do in case someone crashes there is someone there to warn the riders behind him and to get the injured off the course), I admire him for doing this almost all weekend if he wasn't racing he was volunteering. I thought maybe he had lost his mind as he still had a couple of things to do to his bike and of course there is the wearing down of the tire that is new on his bike. But nope he was not kidding so I rushed making him some breakfast and off he went leaving me in the camper bored out of my mind. Normally during these times I would go for a hike as Enduro races are in the mountains and the locations are normally very beautiful, but Pipestone this weekend was WINDY and cold. The weather would have been t-shirt like if there would have been no wind but with wind it was winter hat and parka weather. So I sat in the camper and did a word search and watched my crazy girls play with the neighbor kids.  When Shane got back it was the mad dash to make sure his bike was ready and get his gas can and such along with a chair for me to the pit area so I could help change goggles and fill up on gas if needed. He rode 2 1/2 hours and completed roughly 60 miles, I am exhausted thinking about it :) But he came out of it uninjured, and the bike in one piece which always makes me happy. There were 24 riders in his class, 17 of them finished and he came in 11th. Not what he was hoping for but a good start to the season. I will post some pictures from the girls race and Shane on the starting line. I love race weekends as it is time with the family without tv and all the other distractions of life. We played some board games and just hung out it was wonderful. Next race in two weeks, Cascade Montana here we come :)

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  1. Congrats to the girls. You are one brave momma to watch, I would have been freaking out. What awesome little riders you have


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