Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beginning of Losing My Sanity

So my first blog post is a confession of sorts.

I must confess I am terrified for this weekend and wish it would never come. My super mom exterior is about to crumble, I want to lock my doors and keep my babies inside this weekend where they are safe. Okay maybe I am exagerrating a little I love my girls they are their daddy's girls for sure, they love adventure and are true adrenaline junkies. However I am the exact opposite I like routine and am not at all a daredevil. So this weekend brings fears and apprehension. My babies are doing their first trail race, yes I said race! They love riding their motorcycles and are very competitive but I want to cry at the thought that they are big enough to race, big enough to do something dangerous, big enough to not need their mom running next to them catching them if they fall. I am terrified they will get hurt and sad that they are growing up so quickly. Where did the last 8 years go? What happened to my premature babies who needed me every minute. I realize they are only 8 and maybe I am being a little over the top here but I feeling very dramatic and very overwhelmed very not in control. Yikes!!


  1. I understand your nervousness, but be assured that Shane would not allow them to ride, if they were not ready. They will do great. Be prepared for a fall or two, but just say your prayers and let them go. As you mentioned, they are their daddy's girls. Once they fall down, they will get back up and be stronger than ever.

    Try to enjoy the weekend and we are all here for you!

  2. Hey Lady! First, I LOVE the name!! :) I also love the image of you running next to your girls to catch them if they fall. You are an incredible mom! You may feel they don't need their mom as much, but they do! I was a big daddy's girl until I moved out and suddenly realized my mom was the most amazing woman on the planet. They'll realize that too...at least that is what I tell myself when I go through hard child times. :) Good luck to them this weekend!


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