Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Mixing Pot of Thoughts

Mothers Day -
Figured I could start here it was a fantastic Mother's Day.  Shane and Lauryn made me breakfast in bed, Kaleigh watched TV with me in bed stating she was keeping me company!! Got to love her!! Shane got me flowers with one of my Willow Tree Angels, it is Sunshine and is beautiful I didn't even tell him I wanted it he just saw it and bought it so sweet! The girls each got me a coffee cup, Lauryn a ceramic one for at home and Kaleigh a new travel tumbler. I love them both they are perfect and they got me terrific cards and their school made projects were priceless, a paper flower with all the reasons she loves me from Lauryn and two tissue paper flowers from Kaleigh. Terrific definately the best presents ever!!
We went over to my parents house for a little while my sister, dad and I got my mom a new yard swing. She loves to sit in it in the summer with the kids and read them books and just hang out. Her yard swing got ruined by the wind and the girls loved it so a new one was perfect, she was very excited.
I hope all my fellow moms had a great day as well!!

This coming weekend
We are headed off to Winifred this weekend, oh yeah the big city of Winifred :) Just kidding but I am excited this race is Shane's favorite he loves the location and the people that put it on are all so helpful and nice. I did get to meet some of the Butcher Family that own the land this race is held on and they are very nice. The little girl came over to our camp last race with the girls she was so polite and outgoing and then I saw her later and she introduced me to her mom. Very cool. So I am excited and with the current weather forecast I am hopeful that this will be the best weather we have had thus far. The girls race on Saturday and then on Sunday Shane races. I will do my usual prayers for safe riding!! I am always nervous it is a mom thing.

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