Thursday, May 12, 2011

What makes you a happy mom?

I read a blog this morning that asked this vey question:  "what makes you a happy mom?"

Wow that is something to ponder the answer for me is not any one thing, lots of little things make me a happy mom some of them are as simple as a smile from my kids, the calm on their face while they are sleeping, or the dirty shirt from the last weekend because I know they had a great time and some have nothing to do with my kids but affect me which affects them like getting together with friends, going for a run or to the gym, or scrapbooking.

But while pondering this question I had one of those moments that made my eyes mist up, my smile broaden, and my chest puff out just a little. :)

One of the things that makes me a happy mom is my girls being daddy's girls. Now if you don't have a daughter you can still understand this there is a very special bond between a daddy and his little girl. Well there is also along with that bond a very big sense of pride when you are watching that bond develop.

This all starts with my husband, my baby daddy. He is an AMAZING man he is selfless, caring, strong and so sure of himself.  Yes it took the man 8, yes I said 8, very long years to propose to me but it was worth every minute every second of that wait. We grew so much as a couple and are still learning about each other every day, we have become more open with each other every year and have learned to argue or disagree more productively. But Shane is really one of my best friends he listens when I am having a bad day, I only hope I listen half as well, and is there for me when I need him. But he has taught me so much too like not to be so judgemental and that although you might know someone is never going to return the favor to always help a friend out that is in need, because when you do something not expecting anything in return it is truly genuine help. 

My girls are so much like their daddy it scares me sometimes!! They are both little adrenaline junkies and trust me they don't get that from me! They are outgoing, adventurous and so very active. They have a hard time sitting still which is probably one of Shane's downfalls he is always moving he can't sit still for very long or he is feeling anxious because he is sure there is something he should be doing. But with even that downfall and a couple of others, because let's face it nobody is perfect and yes even my amazing husband has his moments and faults. My girls got the best trait from him possible and that is being confident. I know you can instill confidence in a person but I also am a believer that this is a trait that is inherited. My girls are little tomboys they love to play basketball, football, ride their peddle bikes and their dirt bikes, anything that has them outside they are pretty much willing to try it and they never doubt themselves that they can and will do it.

I love that my girls take after their daddy in this way and have such a wonderful role model he is an amazing man and I know they will find wonderful life partners if they pick someone that is even half the man their daddy is (however that won't be happening until they are thirty) right?

Every day makes me a happy mom because it really is the little things that make life so memorable and so worth living. I guess I could say my kids and husband make me a happy mom, because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be a mom.

So I pose the question to you "What makes you a happy mom?"

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